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Heads up on commissions Posted 15 hours ago
I'm working on the new pricing list, so keep on the lookout for slots getting opened sometime in June. As usual I don't do first come first serve, but just letting people know in advance :v
Started Posting on Twitter Posted 2 months ago
Finally began using it after creating it several years ago.

It's gonna feature mainly the... 'Less kinky' stuff, and the more character driven and related things. As a more 'official' platform for future endeavours.

So if you're interested in all that, consider following me there :>

COMMISSIONS CLOSED Posted 4 months ago
Commissions are now closed, and I've contacted the ones I wanted to do. If you've not been contacted, I'm afraid you didn't make it this time .u.;
COMMISSIONS OPEN Posted 4 months ago
Pricing and information: https://aryion.com/g4/view/577128
Comics: https://aryion.com/g4/view/577142
Character references: https://aryion.com/g4/view/577143

I'm open to taking character references this time. You may inquire about multiple ideas, though if I'll do several depends on the list at the end.

You have until FRIDAY 24th of January, 8PM CET to send your inquiry. After that I'll be choosing the ones I want to take on for this opening.

Contact me here via PM or on Discord if you have me there
Commission Update Posted 4 months ago
Currently working on the last piece that’s gonna be in the reworked commission price references for 2020. If I get them done in time I am planning to open up this Wednesday and will be taking inquiries until Friday evening for me. Doing it how I’ve normally done it.

I’ll also rework the comic and character ref references for pricing too. But yeah, least keep a lookout this or next weekend!
Happy New Years! Posted 4 months ago
Happy new years everybody, yada yada yada here's the new years resolution thingy :v

So 2019 flew by really fast for me. Mostly a good year for me I'd say, got some issues fixed at work and been overall productive with art. Wish I could say the work stuff was fixed by now but even tomorrow I gotta talk with my daily manager to fix even more problems our system got.

Anyways, the year was filled with a lot of character profiles as most of you have noticed. Still got a bunch to go but they will be done around the time art of said character will be done. And I'm at least past the halfway point now.

As for what I got planned for 2020, I wanna start to do more character focused stuff like that's been done a few times near the end of last year. Small...
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Discord Server Now Open! Posted 5 months ago
Aaaaand finally, now the server will open to the public! The link will be active for one day after posting this. If the link has stopped working then you send me a note and I'll give you another link :>

A few things in mind about the server is that we're looking for people who can be somewhat active. That's not to say you need to be on all the time, but we're not really interested in lurkers who won't interact ever, but I guess that's a given.

Another thing is that while we want to be a very open place where you can express any opinion - we do ask that it's in a civil manner. And it goes without saying that it also comes with the caviat that we won't tolerate bullying or discrimination of anyone in the server. Take any personal grudges elsewhere.

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Discord Group Update and Pre-Opening Posted 5 months ago
Been a while since I mentioned the possibility of opening a discord server, and I've finally decided to try it out the next week. Given aside from monday I got the whole week off, all the way to the day after new year!

So I figured this would be the best time to do so, when I got time on my hands to manage things in the beginnings.

HOWEVER; The server is more or less ready, so that's why I'm having a Pre-Opening for those who already have me on Discord or are in a different server I'm also in. Just so I can make sure things are actually working properly. Just send me a message on Discord and I'll hook ya up with a link!

As for the official opening, no specific date yet but I'm thinking either the 26th or 27th, but we'll see.
Pre-2020 update Posted 6 months ago
Might as well do it now for the handful that care :v

So finally I'm finished with this last batch of commissions. Safe to say it's been by far the most lucrative one to date what with that comic commission.
As for when I'll be opening up next, currently I doubt I'll be opening before 2020 starts. Because I want to get most if not all of the character refs done before the new year.

And safe to say, I got quite a bit of work ahead of me.

I still got like 4 - 5 large refs to do, but also have like around 10 smaller refs to do, that will have less visual reference but the same amount of information, in addition to powers and trivia included.

So I won't be able to introduce characters the way I neccessarily would want to,...
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COMMISSIONS CLOSED Posted 8 months ago
Everyone who got a slot has been contacted by now, so sorry to those who didn't get one!

I may uh, taken on a -bit- more than I should have for this batch, but worst case it'll just take longer to get things done :v

I will still prioritize getting these two refs done though, as I begin commission work