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happy new year Posted 1 month ago
well.... uhhh... happy new year i guess
commissions pricing and other stuff Posted 2 months ago
hey there!
yea, i wanted to do something for my 3rd year annivarsary on eka's, but i have been to busy doing commissions T_T
and yes, there has been some changes to my commissions prices, but it should be finalized for the time being.


and yes, commissions for november and december are open~

As of now:
1. Sanaabear
2. Durg
3. onepiecelover

if you want to commission me, just drop me a message and you'll be added to the list! The list is a rolling list, so ill just keep adding people as i complete artworks and eventually it'll get to you
total 500k views?! Posted 4 months ago
omg it reached 500k views without me noticing.
thank you all for your support these 2 years! It snuck up on me and i didnt prepare anything for this milestone ><

my 2 year annivasary on Eka's is coming up in november, so maybe ill do something special together with it?

anyway, here's to many more~

EDIT: i made a mistake and its my THIRD year annivarsary coming up! its been so fast ><
but i believe its approximately my 2nd year since i started doing art on Eka's
coloring/remastering older comics Posted 7 months ago
exactly what it says. vote down below on the comics you wanna see updated and colored!
umm.... reason for "lack of updates" Posted 7 months ago
So.... uhhh..... this is pretty stupid.
i was wondering why i have been drawing pretty regularly, yet im not updating my gallery here often enough...
and it turns out i forgot to post quite a few completed commissions.
My apologies ><
ill update my gallery soon enough.
terminator quote here Posted 9 months ago
I'm back! or hasta la vista or get on the choppa..... what did he say again...
anyway, im back and hopefully my art's better too~

tldr: I was worried that my art was not sexy enough and wanted to make it more sexy rather than cute.

But i'll be improving both styles, so theres no worry there. I'm glad im back and here's to many more illustrations and comics!
Temporary break -restarting in may- (also updated coms waitlist) Posted 9 months ago
after i finish my current commissions, im taking a short break to improve my art.
kinda not happy with where my art is at the moment. NOT SEXY ENOUGH!!! UGHHHHHH
so yea.... thats about it i guess.

people who still want to commission me, go ahead. I'll only start work on it in May.

Current works in progress list:

3 pages of comics for 3 people.

If any questions/inquiries, feel free to dm me~
April Commissions open! Posted 10 months ago
I decided to follow the great template of showing my current commissions queue. If you have asked for something before and I have yet to start it, please let me know and i'll put you on priority.

Right now:

1) Tamyuuki
2) Mudkip Comic
3) Double Dildo Snake
4) Stormy/Alice
5) Caro Ref
6) Ellie Ref

just a small update Posted 1 year ago
Discord is up:
Art updates are posted here, along with WIPs. Lots of shenanigans, RP-ing and emoji~

Twitter is also up:
twitter: https://twitter.com/tomayo_

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tomayo
deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/tomayo-da
NEW SITES I'M ON Posted 1 year ago
With Lolipocalyspe and stuff happening, I finally am starting to diversify to other sites, so in case any of my art goes down, you guys have another place to view it.

First up! Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/tomayo
It's been up for awhile and i've not properly announced it. Currently there's a few tiers, and its kind of revolving around a Lucky draw system/idea. If that's not your thing, please vote in this poll! I'll be tweaking the tiers abit once the polls done, and hopefully by the end of the year, so your opinion counts!
POLL: https://www.strawpoll.me/17047195

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