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Joining Twitter! Posted 2 weeks ago
I joined twitter finally!
UPDATE Posted 3 weeks ago
Things are being resolved with the emergency, thank you all who are talking to me now with the work it is super appreciated. This doesnt count for people I am talking to currently, but commissions will be closed for a good while. I appreciate everything yall have helped me with, now I must focus only on the work I must do before I open again. Maybe even after I clear my plate I MAY continue to stop commissions only for a few to give myself a refresher and break. I hope yall understand and I cant thank yall enough for the help, patience, and understanding you all have given me.
Emergancy Commissions Posted 3 weeks ago
I will be taking 3 commissions (given a recent emergency) then will be closing for a good while to catch up.
Happy Holidays! Posted 4 weeks ago
Happy holidays everyone! I want to thank every one of yall for the support and kindness you have all shown me the time I have been here, being with me and supporting me as I grow with my artwork and content. I means so much and I appreciate all you all have given me and helped me with. This year has sure been very stressful with some serious downs (especially this past month), but I am looking for a bright future and i'm hoping things get better next year. I wish nothing but the best for all of you and lets get through this together.
Christmas Commissions Posted 1 month ago
If there is anyone who has asked for a commission or kofi commission to be done as a christmas present PLEASE contact me so it can be done before then!! A lot of stuff has been happening here so dates and due dates(if any) really slipped my mind, but I want to get them done in time.
Regarding Kofis Posted 1 month ago
For KoFi availability just check my bio for now on, I may turn them off and on so I can catch up and such so it may be annoying to make a post every time ^^;
KoFi Chibis Open! Posted 1 month ago
Im opening kofi chibis again for a few days! I will close if I get to many, these are to help while I focus on big commissions.
Updaaate Posted 2 months ago
Another update, just letting yall know why I have been slow and such I have a super nasty cold/ or its the flu im really not sure, but its getting better! While I have been sick time and stuff really just passed by so trying to update commissioners and people on the situation didnt cross my mind and I am super sorry for that. I have been super inactive and just trying to heal up, hope yall understand!
Gumroad Help? Posted 2 months ago
Have any of yall used Gumroad? Do yall find it worth it and what kind of content do yall post? I wanna try it out, but have 0 knowledge about it asdfghj
Kofi will be closed for a while Posted 3 months ago
I will be closing Ko-fi commissions for a while after tonight, just a heads up! Im getting a bit burned out with them and need to catch up on them plus other commissions, hope yall understand!