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The end of scheduled posting…again Posted 3 weeks ago
Just like before I have reached an end to my finished commissions, so I will no longer be able to post every Sunday like I have been doing. I am going to take a posting break to let the commission well fill back up again, once I have build quite the collection again I will comeback to posting regularly again. I normally post the commissions that artists haven’t posted themselves, which means if an artist or writer wants to post the thing I commissioned them for, there is still a chance of Patty making a short reappearance, I will also still be active and around to chitchat. With that all said, I hope everyone is happy, healthy and safe!
Ending Scheduled Postings Posted 7 months ago
We have reached the end of all the Patty commission I have saved up since her design, this unfortunately means I can no longer keep to my regular Sunday postings. But this does not mean the end of our beloved bully, I still have some commissions currently being done and I even some non-Vore stuff of Patty I could post if people are interested. Once commissions are done and fully completed, I will still post them in their entirety, it’s just now postings will be more random and sporadic. I’ll still be active in the meantime so don’t be a stranger!

Thank you!!!