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Leaving the kitchen Posted 17 hours ago
Well, was a lil light when i start to intruduce in the cooking vore, but all the good vibes gone, the bad comments about my friends who are not into, the low attention my cooking drawings i drew, the discrimination at me for be male make me feel unconfort and now the cooking which was a comunity what accepeted me now is rejecting me, i dunno if leave it or keep in but be rejectted by my own friends in this comunity make me feel down and now want leave it
Health problems Posted 3 weeks ago
Hello i want to apologize with everyone who i should to do drawings and i didn't show a progress but that have a reason, i got covid 3rd time the past weeks i was dealing with that and i survived, for be an strange case they in the hospital study me and found on me a malfunction in my brain which can make my my brain stop, i was too much days in the hospital and i should use pills to try calm that hurt in it, maybe i should use them for the rest of my life
Ko-fi Posted 4 weeks ago
I need a microphone to start in the fandub and i need help to get the money, you can support me too with donations, all are accepted, here my kofi
Covid Posted 1 month ago
Hello Everyone, i hope today you have a good day these last days i was in a fight against covid, i got it for 3rd time, i just want to say to everybody Thanks for ur support, maybe i will see you guys, in the hospital i will try to end some drawings i should to digitalize and i hope survive this time, take care u all and try to respect the limits of this new reality this pandemia gave us
Unfair things Posted 2 months ago
Some people lastly was blaming me saying lairs as im a manipuative person who only want hurt others with lairs and pitty, what is not truth they just attacked me and don't let me say nothing or atleast take time for listen me, they just hurt to me fir pleasure and now i want to leave all, i can't resist more this people who attack me and make my friends and other persons think im a bad person, im not a bad person, their lairs made me cry for days im living in hurt and my depresion is growing, yeh did several wrongs but i always try to fix them, i dunno why people don't give me a chance and i dunno why the focus to trate me too bad
Projects canceled Posted 2 months ago
For personal reasons, some projects what i did have with a person who i thought was a good person will be canceled, i did my wrongs with him but what he did at me broke my heart and now Im thinking in leave the drawings for complete, i'm not in mood for drawings but im trying to finish all that drawings i should to de, i havent money to refound and now i should to effort more, if I desappear from ekas, eventually do from dviantart, furaffinity, facebook and telegram too, I will think to much and maybei can recover but don't know if I will be up again
I will stay Posted 4 months ago
I am in a very difficult moment in my life that makes me vulnerable to negative comments against me, I apologize to all those who always supported me, for less appreciating them and letting my feelings take control of my mind, I gave more importance to those who sought to hurt me, which only made me almost make a bad decision with which I would lose everything I have worked for years, I will stay not only for the support you given me, I will stay to support you too, thank you so much, I really appreciate each one who commented or looked for me in private to make me change my mind or wish me the best vibes
I should leave? Posted 4 months ago
Im tired of this fandom of shit, where nobody can be or doit what really want, too much toxicity, hate and discrimination for be a male prey, I never did that discrimination type, i draw whatever, male, female, futa, cboys, non vinary, ect, and i never negate to nobody a commission, art trade or collab for the gender of the prey, furries just accept humans if are girls, vore fandom think only females can be preys, im tired of that shit and i will gone, this fandoms have no place to me, thanks to all who support me, but %0,001 love vs %99,999 hate is a lost fight
YCH is Open (only 1 slots aviable) Posted 10 months ago
Reven by Rynefox
Tj by Tyronne VB(me)

Ych Slots
-Inside Mouth
-Arm pit dryder

-Navel cleaner
-Under Butt
-Feet slave
Ask me for more information
Commission Status Posted 1 year ago
Will be open this friday

Digital Drawings
Chibi, anime, furry, Fanart, ect...
Only 3 slots

1. RevenFox
2. Ryne Ampersand

Art trade

1. RevenFox
2. Ryne Ampersand

Will Do / Won't Do

I draw what they ask me, that if while they do not find problems with the authors
I draw almost all, only i dont do is Scat and diappers fetish