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Confesion Posted 4 months ago
I come here to give explanations of situations that I have caused, about two years ago I broke the silence, trying to defend myself from so many attacks that I received, the problem is that I am impulsive, I do not think before saying things, I just shout in a mixture of anxiety, fear and anger, saying stupid things to everyone, and then dying in guilt for what I did without thinking, they discriminate against me because of my gender, they attack me for my content, they abandon me because of prejudice and I must always accept and shut up.
Now there are people ganging up on me, revealing my past failings to ruin my reputation, so if they're going to find out let it be because of me. Due to so much toxicity received, so many attacks, so many traumas and little experience...
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Sorry lena Posted 4 months ago
Few months ago i were very down need it to vent and i say alot of stupid things, i complain about  JustNothing very recentful cause a comic she stopped to do one to lucy, i complain to a friend who I did trust and now only cause i tried to pushed him away cause i were tired of his blackmails menance me to ruin my life telling the "truth" to everyone of what im, lena really so sorry for talked shit about u, sorry me for be stupid and let my feelings, unsecurities and bad attitudes took control above my mind, i was venting but i did it to wrong person, sorry for hurted you never was my intention
Changes Posted 4 months ago
In just 7 years, since I broke the repressive barrier that I had in my loneliness, I tried on the internet what I couldn't in real life, they abused me psychologically, they insulted me, they took advantage of me, they abandoned me, they defamed me, They harassed me, I lost several friends by suicide, others played with my feelings, so much confusion was generated in my mind, my insecurities grew, I followed advice from people I trusted, because they were friends for years and they only ended up manipulating me, everything affected me point that for a year because of my explosions and reactions I have only come to hurt those I love, saying meaningless and unintentional fallacies under attacks of anxiety losing control, I try to improve and learn how to relate, but people just tell me that...
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Good bye Posted 7 months ago
No more ty be to hurt, no more ty to be humilliated, ty is gone I just hope u can get a better and happier life than my life of shit
I will Stay Posted 9 months ago
Something unexpected happened, I didnt know How much people loved me, I was focused only in the bad things, well maybe almost in all my life I.just recived shit from people, living in misery, being hated trated as shit by my own family cause for them im a wrong and never shall born, in my job im exploded working 13 hours without stop, making the job of.3 persons at the same time while shall to resist the bullying and humilliations of my co workers, everyone who.i loved irl is.death, no friends irl, some friends online who only more pain gave me, i met may 700 or 800 persons online in 6 years since I socializate by my First time and I just had hate, bad tratens, end hurted and be abandoned by almost all them, that confusión in my mind, makes me do wrongs, terrible wrongs in this last 7...
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Good bye everyone Posted 9 months ago
Being steped by who i called friends, being hurted, lost important people, feel as shit all days of my life, keep seeing all Friends who i lost and can't talk to them, can say sorry cause a manipulative person hold them and keep them blind and don't let them see my feelings and how i regret my, all that shit against me, everyone hating me is something i can't resist anymore, i will leave this place, drawings, live, all, thanks for all that people who always believe me
Apologize Posted 1 year ago
My apologize for took too much time with commissions, I was dealing with healt troubles, personal issues and my job, but now i can continue

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Leaving the kitchen Posted 1 year ago
Well, was a lil light when i start to intruduce in the cooking vore, but all the good vibes gone, the bad comments about my friends who are not into, the low attention my cooking drawings i drew, the discrimination at me for be male make me feel unconfort and now the cooking which was a comunity what accepeted me now is rejecting me, i dunno if leave it or keep in but be rejectted by my own friends in this comunity make me feel down and now want leave it
Health problems Posted 1 year ago
Hello i want to apologize with everyone who i should to do drawings and i didn't show a progress but that have a reason, i got covid 3rd time the past weeks i was dealing with that and i survived, for be an strange case they in the hospital study me and found on me a malfunction in my brain which can make my my brain stop, i was too much days in the hospital and i should use pills to try calm that hurt in it, maybe i should use them for the rest of my life
Ko-fi Posted 1 year ago
I need a microphone to start in the fandub and i need help to get the money, you can support me too with donations, all are accepted, here my kofi