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Gallery Cleanup Posted 1 year ago
Snipped a bunch of shit from my gallery that didn't meetup to my standards or were no longer of any interest to me, including my really old stuff.
Please don't bother me for deleted images thanks.
Thank You! Posted 2 years ago
To everyone who has been supporting me, lurking and enjoying my content, and who has been with me along the way, I thank you for your time.
I see myself as an self-indulgent artist, I draw when I feel like it, and as I get better in my skills, and more and more degenerate in my kinks, my art reflects this~

This means my gallery can get a bit all over the place, but that's part of the fun I've found, plus whenever I play any videogames theres ALWAYS lewd thoughts coming to mind <3
I hope to keep making stuff and slowly improving as I go, maybe one day I'll upgrade from the ol' bootleg SAI I use and try a more advanced program X3
Though very truly, i appreciate the kindness I've received, you're all so wonderful! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
My experience in this...
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UPDATE: Bitten off more then I could chew! Posted 3 years ago
Hello there! Well, its been a while since i first opened commissions, but even though I did like maybe 4? ish and have one halfway, Im going to have to admit that I took more in then I could, and really, leaving those of you waiting for nearly a year on something I dont even feel like doing is super heccin rude ;v; My deepest apologies to those in queue, but im going to have to cancel all future commissions as i just cant bring myself to lift the pen to your commissions name >v<; IM SO SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE I AM WEAK ;V;

But real talk, I dont know what caused myself to slow down so hard, i'll admit I've always done art as a hobby so i usually fluctuate between moods, but it seems drawing as to what someone specifies (unless im EXTREMELY INVESTED in the content which is...
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BACC TO WORK Posted 3 years ago
Alright im feelin p good today! Gonna try and get some comm stuff done! Apologies for the break - I simply never want my moods to effect the outcome of comission art, lest you end up with lower quality then what i couldve given! ;v;/

I've also learnt a fair bit again - so hopefully if anything the quality of what youll get will be a bit better then what i could do prior! (mostly resolution quality is finally decent! woohoo! now you get nicer, BIGGER pictures!)
Hey all! This is just an update on some stuff going on with me and my gallery, and also a small commission update!

So recently I had been hit p hard with an artblock, but then all of a sudden I've managed to pump out a bunch of self indulgent doodles... which are slowly turning into slowly, fully colored pictures... oops..

And to also add into the oddity they are, very few of them are of M/f or M/m content! ;v; My apologies to viewers as the content ill be posting is very, VERY FAR from my normal content, but ah, when in rome yknow? or was it when in home... when im home? what? uhm, anyway-

There is gonna be alot of FUTA/HERM/FPRED/CV in these pictures! Please note when it comes to this stuff again I prefer to see myself in the pred role or observer...
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Commissions CLOSED M8 Posted 4 years ago
Thanks to all who hit me up on a comm! Im in a bit of a art/mental slump but will hopefully get back on track asap!
Maybe commissions uhhhhhhh Posted 4 years ago
I might be opening for commissions for the first time soon? Just thrownin this out there for anyone interested!
If it all goes to plan I'll update with a proper blog and update my commission page with rules n prices n stuff yee ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)