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Please vote twitter Posted 8 months ago
Description is in the link.
https://twitter.com/LovelyWindyVert/sta ... 60480?s=09
Commissions open Posted 9 months ago
$3 line art
$5 with color
Full body
$7 for line art
$10 with color
No shadding available since that takes too much effert.
1 - 2 weeks depending on commission.
new ideas Posted 2 years ago
Neptunia = done
Persona = almost completed
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth = not even a dent

That's right I'm making digimon video game vores now and no I'm not going to drew dem furries I'm drawing those human characters in vorish situations cause fuck it no one else is touching them.
You know me if no one else is doing it then you can count on me to throw my fetish in to ruin it.
No cartoon characters since their time in the spotlight is long overdue only videogame characters.
No furies cause that's "kinda" cliche for digimon vore
HELP!!! Posted 2 years ago
How do I post pictures like this with the boxes underneath?
to anyone I have commissioned Posted 2 years ago
Next month I will cancel my remaining commissions and ask for my money back so I can pay for ppl who can finish things more promptly.
Pissed off Posted 2 years ago
The person's identity is to remain anonymous so no fucking brown nosing please.
And if you pester me for a FUCKING IDENTIFICATION I WILL BLOCK YOU. WHY? Cause my dear No is latton for take a hint it's NO

Someone had the adasidie (misspell) to tell me Vert has a game which is a load of crap cause that 4 Goddess online game doesn't even FUCKING count.
If it has counted how come none of the Vert communities I'm a part of doesn't even mention the outcome of her winning a pole.
tbh Posted 2 years ago
I thought this whole Chie fad would have died down after the realise of Persona 5.
Don't get me wrong I don't hate her but I only thought she was "ok".
new profile picture Posted 2 years ago
DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE. I've ruined your morning with my anti happy feelings xP.
Joking aside I might be a bit more inactive with all this negativity goin on.
might leave Ekas forever or for a while Posted 2 years ago
Under a lot of stress and is under depression might get to the point of other subjects I am choosing to leave for the time being.