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Prey rollcall! Posted 5 years ago
Mmmm... I should make new prey OCs... Or I could just abuse someone elses~ Who wants their prey character to be submitted to lewds and nomming by one or two of my preds? =w=
Lets RPs! Posted 5 years ago
SOOO posting here instead of seeking rp mainly to appeal to people who watch me... If you like my stuff, we could probably make rps off of it!

Lately I've been craving rps for my newest few pictures.. I'd love a rp of Taz getting a new pet, a pair getting captured and getting eaten or fed to beast mounts, anything involving monstery preds possibly doing lewd things to their food before eating them, you know general stuff! o w o Feel free to chat me up for ideas really!
Posting on Tumblr now too! Posted 7 years ago
Wow that last blog post was old...

HEY owo I'm still alive, and slowly drawing... But I figured I'd come and tell you all that I'm a little more active now on my tumblr account. I've actually posted more sketches and WIPs there in addition to the stuff here there.
If you've got a account come by and browse and send asks and flirt with my demon muse and get yourself eaten <3
Commission Menu~ Posted 9 years ago
Just a little advertisement now I am accepting commissions for works! :3
Take a look at the prices and what I'll do here!

Theres detail information in the Commission Status too!
UPDATE: So wow yeah owo .... I got a lot more asking for them than I thought! I may need to start turning down major comic commissions now since I have two confirmed and one more requesting now.. I'll be willing to accept single scene images or queues for comics for though!

Commission Status:
1.) 4-5 page/image Series - for KibaCheetah (10% done, panel...
[ Continued ... ]
So if I made a screencast for my drawing... Posted 9 years ago
I'll be getting a good amount of free time soon after next week.. If I do, I'll be drawing vorish things, taking requests maybe! Would anyone actually be interested in watching? xD

Edit! Okay then! I'll hopefully be able to do them the beginning of this May! The time will most likely be between 6 or 7pm (Central or uhm.. -5:00 GMT) into.. however long it takes me to passout, ahha. Anyone have any requests they'd like to drop? :3
Drawdrawdraw~ Posted 10 years ago
Ahh, I have so many drawings in progress, half finished or uncolored.. xD Trying to get some done to submit here! I'm drawing a couple of dragon-ish series and a few planties, maaybe a naga, and something in spiderwebs somehow. Series take awhile to do of course, so much inking and coloring.. >< But! When summer break decides to start I'll hopefully be able to move more drawings~

Also! I've been wanting some RPs lately, especially if they generate some good scenes to draw! x3 (I love dragons and plants and snakes and...well, stuff I like to draw xD)
Updates~ Posted 11 years ago
Its been a long time since I've uploaded anything...Errg, mostly because I found myself unable to finish any drawings for this place... Drawing vorish stuff is fun, but it feels like the artistic equivalence of junk-food. But! I broke the silence with a nice series, dragons are one of my favorite subjects.
Looking at my old completed drawings I found that.. I didn't draw the actual vorry part, just allusions to it. I suspect whenever I tried to actually draw the primary part I end up leaving it off indefinably.. Hm, not quite sure what that says about me.. =/
Bumpity Bump Post Posted 11 years ago
Just bumping the old journal entry out until I have time to write a new one~