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I'm Back Posted 3 years ago
Hello, I'm back, and I apologize for such long absence, but I had lots on my plate these last few months. To sum things up, I had spent a lot of time working double time at my day job and dealing with some very personal issues. It was just too much at once and I had little time and almost no will to do anything. I'm not saying that this explanation should make everything better, I'm just telling you what was happening.

Also, I'm sorry to the people who are still waiting for their artwork. I know it looked like I took money and ran off, but it was just bad timing and I'm not the kind of person who would steal from anyone. In my defense, I have been doing commissions for 5 years already, so something was bound to happen sometime in-between. You will all get your commissions in...
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Just some cool FanFics Posted 3 years ago
I love reading. I read original stories or fanfictions. Here are some fanfics I like to read this days.

Clash of Dragons ... of-Dragons
Elder Scroll Skyrim/Dragon Age Inquisition.
A fast paced fanfic which takes place years after the events of the Skyrim and where Dragonborn becomes the Emperor of Tamriel and invades new continent. It still on goin but the author updates it often.

Halo? No I have horn ... -have-horn
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Technical question about HardDrives Posted 4 years ago
So my friend heard that I'm looking for a new internal hard-drive for my PC. And it just happened that he owns one which he never used. The only thing is this HD is for laptop computer. So, is it OK if I try to put a laptop hard-drive into my desk computer?
I will be away until 3rd of July Posted 4 years ago
While away from home, I will try to stay in touch with everyone. And maybe I will be posting some art. Thou I will withhold with all my current commissions. Once I will be back I will return to work.

Take care people.
Sudden Changes. Posted 4 years ago
Im leaving this Sunday, dam it. Why sooner? We were offered a cheap place to stay by friend. And its only possible if we take the offer before the 20th of June. I shall be back in exactly 2 weeks. I will try to be in contact with every one I can. I cant take anything beside my phone because my laptop and tablet (not the graphic tablet) are broken. But I will take my notepad and pencils and will try to draw and post stuff the cheap way. It should be fun. Hope photos of my drawings in bad light will not scare away everybody.

PS I will contact everyone who waiting for their commissions before I go. And If I will be able to, I will try to keep in touch during my absence.

* * *

Also, if any of you people have spare 5 bucks, you can donate it to ...
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Work and future. Posted 4 years ago
Hello people. You probably noticed my lack of activity lately. But it has good explanation. The thing is I will be going away for two week after the 20th of June and before I go I must do lots of work. So I work extra hours right now. But before I go I shall post new staff and commission. yes, I also work on all the commissions I have on my hands, not including trades.

Right now I dont know the day I will be leaving but I will tell you in advance. So yeah there will be 2 weeks of hiatus. And then I shall return to the usual posting. Also, talkin about hiatuses. I know Im having them time to time and usually they come out of the blue (usually due to burn outs or else). I think I will start planing my breaks ahead. Because I realized that I need them. To take time to deal with...
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I saw Warcraft the movie. Posted 4 years ago
I h'been waiting almost 10 years for this film. And I like it. Its not perfect, I was able to see why many people (who are not fans of the games) didnt enjoy it. Plot was moving too fast and film doesnt give you time to feel and enjoy the locations. It was like "Here is the Stormwind, and here is the Dolaran, and this Duskwood, and blablabla". Last time I felt like this was at college when teacher didnt bother to give you time to copy what he wrote on the desk and wiped everything for new material.

Some things they changed, of course. Mostly because it wouldnt be possible to include all the original story details and what left needed to be changed so it would make sense.

Visually film shines at some parts and lacks at others. Special effects didnt...
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HAPPY NEW AWESOME YEAR! Posted 4 years ago
And thank you all who was with me this fading year. Thanks to all who commissioned me, who simply gave some moral support, and thanks who inspired me. Of course, sometimes I was talking too long with many things. Working too slow or taking to long with my works and commissions. (I may take long but I NEVER forget.) Usually its stuff like 'real life issues' which always distract me from my art but time to time its my poor self-organizing skills. I was drawing and posting much much longer than I hoped to (4 years) but I still feel like a n00b hehe. I want to become a pro-artist. And I think I know on what parts I should concentrate on in order to achive it. Hope I can deal with it in a future and before the next year runs out lol.

I still want to restart my Strongheart Ask blog....
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