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The new wave of my main oc lets ask is out now Posted 1 day ago here ya go ^^

it will be open until the max question limit is reached or to the date of 28 december
So... i just watch the FNAF movie... Posted 1 month ago
And it was great :3 sure alittle silly a few times but otherwise i like it ^^

Won't try spoil anything though ^^; if you have not seen it
Rewards will be out once the left answers are done Posted 1 month ago
So yea ^^ kerp eyes open when the time comes and feel free to check once i reopen new waves later ^.~

Plus, if you have 7 or more ocs... feel free to check on me if you want to be part of the RP event "Predator hotel" 3 of 5 spots are already taken... x3 but more will come later

Uhm... have a good day, stay safe and hope ya having sweet dreams of churning in someone's belly, digest a love one and/or being warmed up in a womb/balls or something XD

Bye bye~
Last chance with Poke lets ask (Close) Posted 1 month ago
Of the current wave x3 last spot to claim :3

If you have not yet claim it... do it x3 since i will close it on the 15 Oct ^^;
Last chance of a 100% reward place in lets ask (Oct 8) (Close) Posted 2 months ago the last place need to be filled... however, it takes long for new lets askers or those who have not reply in the latest wave ^^; so i will be put up a date...

If you still want to claim the last spot, better do it before october 8, once that day is coming... i will close the wave to fix the new wave and reward people random, without the higher chance of obtain a extra chance

Its still open until a person claim the spot...

See ya

(The final spot is claimed ^^ )
Higher chance for Reward in Lets asks and a few other things Posted 2 months ago
Yup, due to the slow current rate ^^; i will try speed up the current lets ask... so if you are:

~ a new lets asker

~ have ask once and not yet second


~ a old lets asker, that have not yet ask in the newer lets asks... will have a higher chance of winning prize ^^ <~~~~ claim the last spot of my main ocs lets ask for being the pick for the reward poll :3

While: <---- while the 2 last questions pickers will surely one of them bieng part of the reward poll ^^

Keep in mind: if you already ask 2 questions in the current wave... you will be ignored :P

The rest will still have...
[ Continued ... ]
sorry for late stuff Posted 3 months ago
have been feeling the arts blues lately ^^; and having like many months... (feel like a whole year thought) without art traders are also quite tiredsome when you don´t have have plenty of work to be done... .w.

anyway will be up soon with new stuff and

like always feel free to check on my lets asks <---- pokemon lets ask... 5 spots left <----- my main oc lets ask only 1 spots left :3
The last chance to vote for a new oc to wave 3.... ending Sun 30 July (close) Posted 4 months ago
yup owo <------ if you want the last chance to vote for a oc in this piece take your time... Otherwise i will be randomly pick from Maria or Mitsuru ^^; since the lack of vote and time...

If you have not yet ask a question to my lets asks:

here ya go: <---- pokemon lets ask... 9 spots left <----- my main oc lets ask only 3 spots left :3

thos who asks will have the chance of winning rewards ^^
Hope everyone still have a great summer and stuff owo Posted 4 months ago
yea :3 hope ya doing great and hopefuly not been cooked well done by the sun ^^;

just want to drop by to give a update on the curren lets ask and stuff for those who have not seen it x3

only 4 spots left in the main lets ask wave 2:

14 spots still open for people in wave 3 of my pokemon lets ask :3

aaaaaaaaand here, if you want to vote for a winner for the fourt spot for wave 3 main oc lets ask x3 Mitsuru and Diana is in tight spots owo;

enjoy your days and see ya later ^^
Summer time! and now only 5 spots left of main oc lets ask wave 2 Posted 4 months ago
yea i will work on more stuff now that i don´t work for 4 weeks ^w^

also 5 spots left in this lets ask:

just remember no multi question in the question x3