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It's hard to find some time :/ Posted 5 months ago
Hello guys!
It's been a while i haven't posted anything. My job is killing me, and next week I have a lot of exams for college. I will try to post something on my page during this week.
Love you guys, and sorry the inconvenience.
About my lack of posts Posted 5 months ago
Good morning!
Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while: I have been studying like crazy :lol:
When I find some time, I plan on doing one last teaser for the LD series and, after that, post one-page pictures(LD related or not) whilst I make the first Main Chapter.
Love y'all!
About teaser 5 Posted 6 months ago
Good morning/afternoon!
If everything goes as I expect, teaser 5 comes either today or tomorrow. It is a very long GIF, hence why it is taking so long to be released.
Please, comment in the other teasers -or PM me- if you have any suggestions or critiques!