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Little update on my actual state Posted 7 days ago
Feeling better after a hard week like I explained in the previous post.
So I will return very soon on the game to work on the release of chapter two with Kuronekochan.
Stay tuned and I will make an announcement when Kuro and myself have done some tests on the chapter and add what must be added in the game.

See you soon and stay safe :)
Ravenous Quest : Chapter Two - Delayed for next week for personal reason Posted 13 days ago
Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is ok right now because in my case I'm not ... not at all.
I write this message with a blank mind because right now i'm very very down. Something I didn't expected happend and now I can't think about anything at all. Just rage and sadness.
I'm sorry, I wanted to finish the second chapter this week but I would not be able to do it because I lost something important to me today and now... I'm down. Nothing else to say.
So I'm very sorry because you must wait a bit longer for the update but I promise after that the chapter 3 will come sooner because I will need to think about something else but right now.... I can't.
I will update some pictures of the game when I feel better and I will add some other pictures from past commissions...
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Ravenous Quest : Chapter Two - Update info Posted 3 weeks ago
Hello everyone! I hope everyone is alright even with the coronavirus flying in the air...

Just a little update to say that normally the Second chapter will be release in the end of the next week after some tests.
An android version will be available too. If you have a version of android under the 6.0, just tell me and I will do some changes on the files to make it work.
The chapter will be longer than the previous one and I heard all the advices I have seen on the forum so I hope in advance it will please all of you ^^.
I won't spoil anything yet and I will post some new images on the main section of the game this weekend. https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=58020

See you soon for the release and take care !
Ravenous Quest : Chapter One - minor fix Posted 2 months ago
Hello everyone,

I reuploaded the first chapter with some minor fixes mostly on the bugs in the game and some little changes with a part of the dialogues.
I will change some other things later but now time to work on chapter two ^^.
Ravenous Quest : Chapter One release Posted 2 months ago
Hello everyone,

The first chapter of the adventures of Zevius begins today!
Here are the post with the links for the PC and Mac version in a winrar file.

Have fun! ^^
Last update before release of Ravenous Quest : Chapter One ! Posted 2 months ago
Hello everyone!

You can find some images and where to follow when the link for the game will be up in the next days here : https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=58020

See you soon for the first part of a looonnggggg story ;)
Update on the game - Ravenous Quest ! Posted 3 months ago
Hello everyone,
Just a little update about the game!
I'm working on the last parts for the chapter one so it will come very soon. Just some little things to finish here and there and some test to do with KuroNekoChan.
After that I will make a post in the game section with some screenshots of the game without spoilers (or Neko will kill me :( argh!) before the release of chapter one.
Then I will make a link on dropbox for the download for PC and Mac users.
See you soon for more updates! ^^
Working on something for the community! Posted 3 months ago
Hello everyone!

I'm working on a game made with RPGMAKER MV with a vore/cooking theme rpg style game.
The game will be about my avatar Zevius and Sam from KuroNekoChan that I think most of you already know if not go change that immediately here! https://aryion.com/g4/user/KuroNekoChan
KuroNekoChan will work on the part of the game with all the arts about main characters and ... well... no spoilers but the scenes of cooking tasty girls.
To keep the style and the choice from KuroNekoChan, the girls will have a basic version and a futa one.
No gore, no scat and no under age character (exeption for legal Loli)
It will be a traditional rpg game with loots, bosses, spells, monsters and tasty girls.
I'm working on the first chapter right now and...
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