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Moved Loli Pics into their own Gallery Folder Posted 8 days ago
Just in case anyone was like WTF whered the art gooo???
Vore stream with MianQ Posted 3 months ago
This is the double postinist site of all time Posted 11 months ago
I keep having it post two of the same picture its so frustrating. Sorry to all those who faved the one i deleted. i literally checked after posting and there was one, and i woke up today and there was two. maybe its haunted.
Prelude Posted 1 year ago
All art or just Vore/Belly? Posted 1 year ago
Heya, I draw a ton of lewd stuff, mostly futas breeding gals but I tend to keep that on sites like newgrounds or pixiv since this site is mostly vore n bellies. However, If there was an audience for it, Id be happy to share more of my art on here. Depends what you all think.

Belly Purity or All access tentacles n chix with dix?