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Story time? Posted 8 months ago
Should I make a post about Biah and Unah's backstory? Is anyone interested in an explanation?? Or is it not necessary? Sometimes I assume my characters aren't super important so it's whatever. But Biah is kinda odd, lol.

I wonder if you guys wonder? Hehe.
Suggestions? Posted 1 year ago
What are you craving lately? What would you like to see from me~??
I have some ideas but would love to hear from you! <3
character poll ♥ Posted 3 years ago
Hey! I'm curious to know which of my characters you enjoy the most~!
♥ Welcome back! ♥ Posted 3 years ago
Sorry about leaving so suddenly, everybody!

Stuff happened and now this account is run by me, Bri. I'm trying my best to restore the page to how it was before everything was removed. How's your day going??
This is done for. Posted 4 years ago
Second time isn't always a charm. Don't expect anything more from what we were. Sorry guys and gals.
inquiry Posted 4 years ago
Any ideas you'd like to see involving my naga/merman boy?
(not really sure which exactly he is haha)

Taking suggestions!

Thanks~! 8) <3