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voretober again Posted 1 month ago
Honestly I'm feeling pretty burnt out on voretober,,, I know there's just a few more days but idk. I do still wanna do 30 and 31, and I have 28 sketched out already, but idk. I might skip today again lol... Maybe at some point I'll go back and do the ones I skipped for fun.
Voretober Day 15 Posted 1 month ago
Debating what to draw for tomorrow's prompt, 'Beauty'... I originally was gonna do some bug boys that I've been excited to draw the designs for, but I got another idea involving the other flamingo boy I drew for 'Competition'... :thinking: Any preferences? o.o
Voretober: Bugs Posted 3 months ago
I'm going to be trying to do Voretober this year; I'm planning to draw mostly bug and bug adjacent boys, so if anyone has any types of bugs or critters they would like to see, feel free to leave suggestions!
Commissions........... Posted 2 years ago
I'm thinking of maybe opening up some commission slots...... I need a bit of extra income >>;
No voretober today Posted 2 years ago
No voretober today, not feeling the prompt and work was fucking hell today. Maybe I’ll make it up later, maybe not. Be back tomorrow.
Any servant you would like to see? Posted 2 years ago
Sooooo…….. out of curiosity (not making any promises here because work hell + tendinitis), is there any particular servant/fgo ship you guys would be interested in seeing me do vore content with? (Keeping in mind I will not draw any underaged characters or incest).

I tend to stick mostly to my favorites but sometimes it’s fun to try new things (or characters I don’t draw often), and I always enjoy getting to add to the fgo vore content well.
It is not Carpal Tunnel it's Tendinitis Apparently but the Result is the Same Posted 2 years ago
slams head against wall

there's so much fgo vore I wanna draw and OC content I wanna make but because of my tendinitis!! I can't!!!!! And it's slowly making me lose my mind hhhhh.
Pred David Time Posted 2 years ago
I want to do something with Pred David and Prey Robin... I've been doing more pred Robin for awhile now, but suddenly I'm in the mood for cute pred David again. I'm just having trouble thinking of a fun scenario/setting that I would enjoy writing...
Carpal Tunnel... Posted 2 years ago
I've developed pretty bad carpal tunnel so I haven't been able to draw or even write much lately and I hate it T-T I want to be able to make more content but I can't without hurting :'I