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stuff on my mind Posted 1 year ago
Hiya~ dont really do things like this much myself. Not sure how much people even read these things to be honest heh. As of late ive been trying to post a bit more art and practice a bit more. Though the more I draw the less ideas i seem to be coming up with. Id rather not get to a point where i have to only take requests cause that from experience can become overwhelming. even more so when you lose the drive to finish the piece but are in a way pushed to finish it for that person. Guess the point Im trying to make is What do the people who actually enjoy seeing my art want to see more of in the future.

Ive started trying to draw sequences for somethings as well as different types of vore with anthro and demi characters. Is there anything people wish to see me focus towards...
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Commissions Posted 2 years ago
Okay~! i think im finally at a point where i feel comfortable to actualy give this a try.

To anyone interested I will be starting to take commissions. Likely one at a time to not over load myself after all.

Not sure if there is anyone interested but its worth a shot XD. About to move out and the extra cash will be more then helpful for me XD
Mah birthday~ Posted 8 years ago
Yay im finally 21!!!...........that is all you can go about your day now~
Nationals~ and mah birthday~! Posted 8 years ago
Im so excited for this weekend. ill be heading up to chicago for the Yugioh Nationals! This is my first time going and i hope i do well. im going to be playing Spellbook stun there, Also im turning 21 on the 12th so im planing on getting a little drunk. more drunk if i scrub out in the tournament XD
comishions~!! Posted 8 years ago
commissions are open for the first time ever~!!!! here are my pricing.

i will try to take at least 4 commissions each month, hope to hear from peoples~!
borken TTATT Posted 8 years ago
My computer I wont be able to be on for a while really gonna miss drawing and stuff for the chat and I really hope I get it fixed soon........if anyone still wants to talk PM me please for now goodbye eka's portal........TTATT
rping Posted 9 years ago
sorry everyone who i have not replyed to for wanting to rp with me, but if you want to rp please simply look for Lu_Lu in the eka chats, that will be the only place i will be rping
almost july 12~ Posted 9 years ago
Woot its almost my birthday x3 I hope to get some money and have my lad top fixed up if I do then expect more of me on the chats and expect to see alot more art from me~

Currently im thinking of maybe making a comic or at least a little 3 page vore comic but I don't know what to do in it lD

Oh well lol layer all and for all that read here's a cookie *hands out cookies*