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1,000,000 total views!? Really!? Posted 1 year ago
My counter just ticked over 1,000,000 total views. That is INSANE. Holy Crap!

I'm very grateful to all of you who actually enjoy my stuff and take even just a second to glance at it, I really do appreciate that. To be honest I'm always surprised by how many favorites my stuff gets, not to mention the number of watchers (which at bare minimum is like a couple a WEEK).

If anyone can indulge me a bit, I'd like to pose this question: what is about my stuff that you like? I'll be the first to admit that my art is very basic at best for a number of reasons (hastily done, poor form/craftsmanship, stories that aren't most well written, etc.) but I'm honestly curious about this.

My personal opinion is that I'm a decent idea guy, I can come up with a decent...
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My Work (Screencap Edits) Posted 3 years ago
If anyone's interested, part of the reason why I'm not as active here as I used to be is that I've moved on to making screencap edits. My edits follow the same ideas and trends as my drawings here do, so if you're curious what I've been up to check them out.

If you want to see my work I've made gallery here: ... 15735.html
My Tumblr Posted 3 years ago
If anyone's interested I made a blog on Tumblr for some of my more recent pics:
Done Taking Requests (For Good?), but I will take Suggestions Posted 4 years ago
I've been thinking about this on and off for months now, and I decided that this is the right thing to do. Going forward I will no longer accept any requests from anyone, to anyone that I have promised requests to already (you know who you are) I will do my best to get them finished. The reason I've decided on this is that I know how frustrating it is to wait for new art from someone ,and honestly I feel terrible that their have been people out there waiting UPWARDS OF A YEAR for me to get their requests done with the only real reason being that I'm just too lazy to get it done in a timely fashion.

However, I am all for people to send me suggestions for drawings/sketches/comics etc., so feel free to message me about any and all ideas that you might have (just please try to...
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Not Currently Taking Requests Posted 5 years ago
Until I announce otherwise I'm not currently accepting any more requests. I will continue to work on all the ones I have currently agreed to do but beyond that nothing more for the time being.
Would anyone be interested in this? Posted 5 years ago
I usually listen to my Ipod whenever I draw, both because it helps me relax (as opposed to TV which only distracts me further) and because it gives me an opportunity to listen to more music that I haven't heard before while still accomplishing something. I know some people are interested in knowing what kinds of music others listen to, so would anyone at all be interested in what I listen to when I draw stuff? I'm thinking that I could just add a quick "artist and album" blurb in the comments of that pic.
Over 10,000 profile views!!!!?? AND over 250,000 Total Views!!? Posted 5 years ago
Seriously, thank you to everyone who enjoys my (IMO mediocre) work. I'm actually surprised I get get even half that views, I feel like I'm moving up in status here (even though I'm probably not). But back to my point: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy Crap!!!! 100,000 total views!!!!!!! Posted 6 years ago
I......I'm actually stunned, I mean I know that in the grand scheme of things (especially since the big league people here are in the hundred thousands) it's not that much, but for me.....geez that's a lot. I honestly expected myself to be (at best) one of those outlier artists who never makes even a semblance of an impact, and maybe I'm still at that point and will stay at that point, but I don't care. Thank you, thank you to all that gaze at my admittedly crude, rushed and (frankly unoriginal) art. I know I'm not that great of an artist, but still, seeing something like this will bring up anyone's spirits. Thanks again!
No More Requests Posted 6 years ago
For the time being I won't be accepting any more new requests. Anyone who already submitted one is fine and will get it at some point. I recently started my first "real" job outside of college and therefore don't have as much time as i used to to work on art. Once the current crop of requests is satisfied then I'll allow new ones.
My Other Gallery Posted 6 years ago
I guess I should have mentioned this before but I actually began on Furaffinity about a month or so before I began here. I only ever did a small handful of pics there and there is some overlap of pics with my gallery here. My work there was primarily mpreg based, here's a link to it if anyone cares: