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Sorry I haven't been on recently Posted 1 month ago
No, I'm not dead.... unless of course the person typing this is a pred who has eaten and digested me... in which case, yes I am very much dead. X3

RL stuff comes first and its been a lot of things that have weighed me down. Plus I am a lazy piece of shit, so there's that also.

That being said, I'm working on commissions I'm dragging my feet on while doodling trash that has nothing to do with vore or sense outside of specific context. I do plan on changing my commission prices soon, but it will probably be after this wave is done and when I do a sale.
An update and reminder to projects Posted 3 months ago
I have gotten a few people asking me about deleted submissions and discontinued projects as of late. I do want to set the record straight so I'll address the most common questions I get as well as getting some general things out of the way.

To A Girl's Heart: A Vore Dating Simulator is canceled and will remain that way unless I say otherwise. There are many reasons why I decided to give up on the project, but one of the biggest reasons is I lose steam easily when it comes to ambitious projects that I can be a stickler about. I had help from a couple of great people, but the reality is, I get more instant gratification from art than working with a program. I think one day I'll work on something that will be a spiritual successor to the dating sim, but it would have to be in a...
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Heck >:U Posted 4 months ago
Dunno, I've been pent up. Without going into any details, I've been doing fine with art and such, but recently I've been finding it hard to concentrate and I've been pent up with a lot of things going on.

Also I have too many things in my head I wish I could draw... but don't because that requires work, and I'm allergic to work. Go figure. :U
I am not dead Posted 5 months ago
It's been a while since I've posted. That's mostly because I am a lazy bitch. Don't worry, I haven't gotten Corona or whatever, real life chores took priority over my art work so naturally things are slow. X3
You ever get that feeling? Posted 6 months ago
It's hard to explain.

Do you ever look at other people's art, admire them and their work, wonder how you could emulate/learn from them and gain both a sense of inspiration and discouragement at the same time? I am not sure how else to put it, but it's like feeling motivated and creative while having doubt and dread hang over you.

Whatever that is, I'm feeling that. Nothing new and certainly nothing I haven't gotten over before, just wondering what the source of it all could be.
Valentine's Day Results Posted 7 months ago
It's Monday as I post this, so it counts :U

The results for the Valentine's voting pole is as follows:
Doki: 8
Nora: 16
Mary: 7
Mimi: 2
Sherry 7

And by a rather big margin, Nora has won the vote! I am definitely surprised by how large a percentage Nora got. I was also surprised how Mary, Sherry and Doki were pretty close together in popularity.

Now I know it may seem disappointing to see your vote not win, but don't worry, I came prepared with something nice for the runner-ups. That will be posted soon along with the resulting picture with Nora.

Looking forward to it. See y'all later.
WHEW! Back log of personal comms done! Posted 8 months ago
Yeah, I had quite a few comms I needed to post. I have a couple more coming soon, so look out for those along with my own works. :3
New blog post! Posted 8 months ago
Woo! :U

I'm doing commissions that aren't vore related and i am pretty sure most of ya'll wanna see that good shit with the lewds I usualy do. That'll come soon, promise! :U

Also Vore quest is still a thing, I just have been busy with comms and family.... and I am a lazy shit. >n>
Stream heads up (7:00 pm Pacific) Posted 8 months ago
Hey y'all

I'll be planning for a stream today. Mostly I will do commission stuff but I might apply the 50% sketch sale as well. It should start after 7:00 pm Pacific, but I'll leave that as tentative.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some work done and give you something nice to watch on an otherwise cold and gloomy Monday. See ya there. :U
Happy New Year Posted 8 months ago
Happy 2020

I cannot wait for 2021... Then I can say "hindsight is 2020" when something preventable happens. :U

Either way, looking forward to this year and many more with you all. ^^