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New blog post! Posted 4 hours ago
Woo! :U

I'm doing commissions that aren't vore related and i am pretty sure most of ya'll wanna see that good shit with the lewds I usualy do. That'll come soon, promise! :U

Also Vore quest is still a thing, I just have been busy with comms and family.... and I am a lazy shit. >n>
Stream heads up (7:00 pm Pacific) Posted 13 days ago
Hey y'all

I'll be planning for a stream today. Mostly I will do commission stuff but I might apply the 50% sketch sale as well. It should start after 7:00 pm Pacific, but I'll leave that as tentative.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some work done and give you something nice to watch on an otherwise cold and gloomy Monday. See ya there. :U
Happy New Year Posted 2 weeks ago
Happy 2020

I cannot wait for 2021... Then I can say "hindsight is 2020" when something preventable happens. :U

Either way, looking forward to this year and many more with you all. ^^
Happy Thanksgiving Posted 1 month ago
I was going to do a holiday themed pic, but I've been moving and frankly things have been troublesome for me. Regardless, I am grateful to have this moment and wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays.
Well its the day after Halloween.... Posted 2 months ago
Guess everything will be Christmas themed until the end of January again. :U

I had nothing to show for Halloween like I usually do. I'll hopefully be posting some content up really soon. I also should stream more often to encourage me to work more. X3
Commission Prices Update Posted 3 months ago
I updated my commission prices and submitted a commission sheet for easy reference. You might have noticed I don't include underaged in my will/won't do's. That's because it is dependant on so many factors that I would rather just leave it up to the discretion of myself and the commissioner. A good rule of thumb is the character should be old enough to know what sex is and be able to consent to it. This may or may not be 18+, but gives a good idea to where my limits are. Ultimately, it's always best to just ask. The worst I'll do is say "I'm not comfortable with drawing that"

That's all from me. Much love to you all!
What's with this pedophilia stuff I keep hearing about? Posted 4 months ago
I have been getting more than a few blog posts and comments from people here that say they are either unhappy with or leaving Eka's due to supposed "rampant pedophilia" infecting the site. Maybe I've been living under a rock this whole time, or maybe I'm just lucky and never witnessed it but I haven't noticed this happening.

I'm just wondering where this is all coming from. Is it art? The RP chat rooms? The posts on the forums? I never noticed an influx of underaged material more than what I've seen before and I'm curious what's sparking this alleged outbreak of pedophiles in the website.
Update on status(I'm not dead) Posted 4 months ago
Yeah, its been a hot minute since I've posted something. I've got a lot of private commissions I have to work through. That and work, school and application has made time and energy to sit down and draw more scarce. With a little bit of motivation, I'll be uploading the next two pages of the Simon and Mimi comic soon and after that, will have the next chapter of vore quest out. I might change the name to something else though... dunno.. thoughts and all.
Why the hell do herbivores make the hottest preds? Posted 5 months ago
Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of pred species that are in my list. Lions, bears, foxes and crocs are always going to be amazing preds... but there is something about a herbivorous pred that just gets my interest. >u>

A good friend of mine mentioned that it might be because if you eliminate the biological factor of needing to eat meat, then you're left with just desire. A lion might eat you out of hunger, but a horse will eat you because he/she wants to. While that's a pretty decent explanation, I can't help but feel there's something more than just that. You have to try to make a mouse pred hot for me. X3

I'm sure it all boils down to personal preference, but I often find myself liking herbivorous anthro preds on a much more constant basis than...
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What more should I do? (ideas involving comics) Posted 6 months ago
Totally not a plug-in to let you all know I still am doing a recommendation form (buthereitisbecauseitreallyisaplugin https://goo.gl/forms/TNTBKw4MIAnZ7igs2 )

Anyway, what kind of works are you all interested in seeing me do? I was thinking of doing a long comic project involving some of my characters. The list is as such:
Doku visits grandma Mary and shrinks... finding out what she does to micros.
A comic with Sonya who gets a love letter from a female student and begins the process of taking her
The story of how Doku's parents met
A cuckold's story
Jinn Doku getting a wish from someone who doesn't understand how Jinns work
A vore night club
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