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Coming Soon! Posted 1 month ago
I promise I haven't disappeared. After a months long wait on getting my tablet repaired I did promise an update to the comic in September. Why did I do that? I know better than that. But I'm here. I have been shaking off the rust. Then I started a trial version of a very robust and very expensive animation program and realized I had weeks to make an animation. So I've been doing that while working two jobs and interviewing for a third. Being an artist, temporary/seasonal jobs can be a rough lifestyle. But the animation is just in need of some polishing, then I can put that away. Maybe I can even offer animations up to you guys in the future. That's definitely not a promise.

But I do promise I'm still here and the next thing on my list is the next page of Zoey's comic.
Hopefully the Final Tablet Update Posted 3 months ago
I've finally gotten the email I've been waiting patiently for for over a month. My tablet is on it's way home. I also got an email saying that they couldn't repair it and a replacement was on its way to me. So maybe I'll get two please? No, but that would be cool with me. It should arrive on the 24th. I will probably need another week or so to get back in the rhythm at this point. I feel like I will be rusty because I'm used to drawing every day. But there's at least a light at the end of this long dark tunnel and this time it's probably not a train. Expect the next page early September.
Tablet Repair Update Posted 4 months ago
I contacted the warranty company today and got an update on the status of my tablet. It is currently in the final stages of repair. There was a delay due to items being on backorder. Obviously they aren't going to give me an estimate on when I will get it back because I was talking to a customer service rep, not someone who would know anything about that. But I expect to get it back within a week or two. Then I will be cranking out artwork because I've been missing it and I hate that the second I try to develop a side business and I'm seeing promising growth something like this happens. This was very unlucky timing.
Tablet Broken Posted 5 months ago
There will definitely be a delay on the next comic page. I have a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro. Spent a lot of hard-earned money on that just barely over two years ago and the screen has popped out on one side. After a quick search online, It seems the battery has inflated. Everything still works, but I don't think it's safe. It could catch on fire or even explode. This is the second Wacom tablet to last me two years before a critical failure. Luckily I bought an extended warranty after my Cintiq companion died and they wanted almost retail price to fix it. We'll see how they try to weasel out of this, but I have treated my tablet like a baby. Never dropped. Washed my paws before using it. Other than the screen popping out it could be sitting in a store display. What I'm getting at is don't buy...
[ Continued ... ]
Whoops Posted 5 months ago
So time kind of got away from me. I've been trying to update the comic every 1 or 2 weeks and now I'm on week 3 before I realized it. Can you blame me? Time is a flat circle or something. Especially recently. It certainly doesn't feel like I've taken a bunch of time off. I've barely had time to sell my turnips at a profit and dig my fossils and collect my fruit to sell in Animal Crossing! I also started playing Witcher 3 and RDR2... and Destiny 2. Sorry. I'm working on the comic now though and it's looking good to me. I'm back on track, I promise!
Henlo Whorl Posted 7 months ago
I'm really happy with the response to my comic so far. Thank you all for the support and happy responses. I'm really glad I finally jumped in. I'd been thinking about doing so for a while. It seemed like a fun way to potentially make some supplemental income for doing something fun. So I've been looking at options. Commissions vs Patreon vs a mix. For now I think just commissions is fine. I don't want to manage a Patreon page at the moment. So yay! If you want, you can get artwork from me. A link to my prices and guidelines is below. I've already had a few interested so that's cool. Alright, I'm not good at long... talky things. Thanks again!