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Small Update Posted 1 month ago
It’s been a while since I made a blog. I just wanted to let you guys know why I’m uploading slow recently if you’ve noticed. Nothing bad. I’ve got a temporary job that takes up a lot of my energy. It’s easy but work is work. But the really good news is that when it ends (September I think) I will be making art full time! Art is still coming out until then, and I actually am open for commissions (I’m just not heavily advertising since I’m going slower). I’m just asking for you to bear with me until I can work full time on making content for you guys. In the meantime, I'm active on twitter and on my discord server daily. If you want more interactivity, you can do it in those places (links should be on my home/profile page for all websites this is going out to).Thank you!
Info Dump on Issue 2 Coming Thursday Posted 4 months ago
Watch out! Thursday (3/25/21) I'm doing a reveal of plans for the comic’s next issue and the patreon. Story, free/paid distribution deets, and an auction to be 1 of 3 on the cover. Those of you that got the comic will have a good idea of what 3 spots you can wind up in.
Just a Quick Thank You Posted 5 months ago
A little over a week ago, my dog was in pain. He was whimpering and crying when he tried to stand. It was clear he needed medical attention. Because of the people that have paid me for commissions, I was able to get him the help he needed without putting myself in serious financial jeopardy. I could say yes to X-rays and blood tests without worrying how I would make up the difference. He's okay now. It wasn't anything major but he needed it. He's making a full recovery. You made that possible. Whether you bought a commission or watched/favorited and people that bought found me through you. I am very grateful to all of you, and my little wolf baby is feeling better. It may be just silly smut for fun, but something wholesome and good came from it.

So thank you.
Now on SoFurry and and Twitter Posted 5 months ago
Postybirb is just making things too easy on me, so I'm expanding to SoFurry and in case people prefer to follow there. This is for people that prefer those sites. Follows are appreciated but I'm sure you don't want to get a dozen notifications every time I vomit up some rainbow-colored vore. I think FA and Eka's will be my homebase, but once I get the swing of things it should be pretty seamless. Also putting this up to prevent people from thinking there's a Zoey bodysnatcher stealing and posting my vomit.

Also, if someone that's verified on Weasyl could verify me... please? It would make me feel like a cool kid. It's

And I suppose... the final place is twitter *lightning cracks and ominous thunder follows*. I don't...
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Now on DeviantArt and coming to Tumblr Posted 6 months ago
I'm going to have to get Postybirb or something. *Looks at postybirb* Oh my glob I'm gonna have to get this it looks amazing!

If you have another website you prefer, I'll be on several so you can watch through that instead or in addition. Seeing as how FA is furry oriented, I'm not sure if folks here would be interested in art of humans, which I am going to be doing as well, even if it's within the kinky stuff I rut around in. What do you guys think about that?

Here's a list of all the places I am/will be with links:


Eka's Portal


Tumblr (under...
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Happy Holidays Choombas! Posted 7 months ago
Hi choombas (Night City slang for friends)! I'm currently experiencing some Cyberpunk 2077 related delays, but don't fear! The next two pages are coming soon and coming back to back. I just finished a seasonal job. I've been working two jobs for about the past 6 months, scraping and saving and rubbing nickels together. You'll get something good out of all this though. I feel inspired to do a cyberpunk scene with Zoey, one with a little idle animation maybe. That will come later. I've got no shortage of ideas, and now I can give them some more time.

Oh yeah, and Cyberpunk is a lot of fun. Buggy, but fun. I'm playing as a Corpo sellout with a penchant for Mantis blades (snikt!), but I'm definitely a street kid at heart and I'm going to do a run to try the gorilla fists. H4X in...
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Expanded Comic coming soon Posted 7 months ago
After a lot of consideration about what I could do with the Zoey comic, I've decided that after I've finished it here, I will go back through and add extra scenes and polish the early pages. The upgraded version will be available for purchase. I haven't figured out where yet, but I will keep you updated. It will be high res and I will make the extra pages extra worth it. Definitely stay tuned for updates on where to get that.

After that, I'm considering a patreon/onlyfans kind of thing where people could subscribe to a continuing comic for inserting characters or choosing what happens next. If I did something like that I'd want to do something a little different than normal.
Coming Soon! Posted 9 months ago
I promise I haven't disappeared. After a months long wait on getting my tablet repaired I did promise an update to the comic in September. Why did I do that? I know better than that. But I'm here. I have been shaking off the rust. Then I started a trial version of a very robust and very expensive animation program and realized I had weeks to make an animation. So I've been doing that while working two jobs and interviewing for a third. Being an artist, temporary/seasonal jobs can be a rough lifestyle. But the animation is just in need of some polishing, then I can put that away. Maybe I can even offer animations up to you guys in the future. That's definitely not a promise.

But I do promise I'm still here and the next thing on my list is the next page of Zoey's comic.
Hopefully the Final Tablet Update Posted 11 months ago
I've finally gotten the email I've been waiting patiently for for over a month. My tablet is on it's way home. I also got an email saying that they couldn't repair it and a replacement was on its way to me. So maybe I'll get two please? No, but that would be cool with me. It should arrive on the 24th. I will probably need another week or so to get back in the rhythm at this point. I feel like I will be rusty because I'm used to drawing every day. But there's at least a light at the end of this long dark tunnel and this time it's probably not a train. Expect the next page early September.
Tablet Repair Update Posted 1 year ago
I contacted the warranty company today and got an update on the status of my tablet. It is currently in the final stages of repair. There was a delay due to items being on backorder. Obviously they aren't going to give me an estimate on when I will get it back because I was talking to a customer service rep, not someone who would know anything about that. But I expect to get it back within a week or two. Then I will be cranking out artwork because I've been missing it and I hate that the second I try to develop a side business and I'm seeing promising growth something like this happens. This was very unlucky timing.