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be there or begone Posted 8 years ago

I feel liek coloring, join me if you like
Skunanars' needin a kick in the mojo's Posted 9 years ago

Hey guys Skunanars' holdign a kind of raffly postit,, sharedoohicky,, that she'll be drawign some peopels character, Jsut to get her mojo back for drawing, Go give her a poke and a few refs of SEVERAL characters of yours,, and see what she can coem up with for you if she chooses yours

Good luck guys,
Damn this is a fun art program ^_^ Posted 11 years ago

give it a try or two. the novelty wont wear off soon i promise you
Haloronin Ligitamate superhero. Posted 11 years ago
$Well boy howdy do i have an adventure to share with you guys and yes i think i am a legitimate Real life super hero.

Tuesday may fourth 930-ish PM EST

I was on my way to go visit my mother so i could take my niece to her dr. appointments, and for those that don't know, I live in an area of Kentucky that is valley area prone to flooding, and recently the newhaven/bardstown area is such due to the massive rains that we recieved over the course of the last week.

upon my way i was following another veihicle a red Pontiac, fire-bird/sun-fire, well in my direction i was going to use the bluegrass parkway to reach my destination, unfortunatly the road i was going to take had banked and crested by atleast a foot. and a particular section of this area...
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upcoming series. of CG works! Posted 12 years ago
well i got the go ahead form eka herself.. I will be doing a little bit of work in my CG program and making a few images of the bunny in various position of ill fate.
guest starring salamari my own wolfygirl being her playful self.

nothing deathly mind you i dont like rolling that way. but .. be prepared for the usual standards of a vore site as well as a few others.

also.. try not to wank and stroke too hard.. you gotta use the screen to see this stuff after all.
Bammmm! Posted 12 years ago
and BAM!!! new projects i've been working on turn out to be pictures. I'm rolling back through and doing some work in myolder 3D stuff might do a few animations here and there

I'me startign to get in to a flow of things
new project idea. from tote. Posted 12 years ago
hey guys I guess since i'm burnt on vore for a little while I'll do somethig to entertain myself. so i'm going to start witing a story based on the alter earth form my tanuki Cv2 story. the one with tote on a plane.

well something alter earth ish.

I'll tell ya when i'm done with one.
stump in the toilet. Posted 12 years ago
Hey guys. most fo you all know me from the forum mainly as a one post wonder of "Tanuki approved" or some such.

and a small plethora or say-nothings in the chat as so and so the unique things in there.

as i look back at these posts and my chat logs of late, I realize im not that informative or entertaining. and have little to express in them. and with that i have to ask. is vore getting too "old hat" for me.

i mean a lot of the people i've met here have gone to other free roaming places. and done other things. while i feel stapled to one spot, looking at new people and back at my " beginnings here" feeling a littel over whelmed by new faces, ( some of you all likely feel just as over whelmed at someone liek me as well...
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POWAR ON!!! Posted 12 years ago
Oh thank whatever higher powere that there is. for giving me back my electricity. Phew.. i was going nuts.
GAH!!! No powar!! >.< Posted 12 years ago

I guess you COULD know how it is when your electircal grid has crashed, and there IS absolutrely NOTHING to do but barrow someinelese's computer..

and ma is ot driving me up a wall with that persons Jesus this and god theat.. >.< must choose.. endur the cold.. or endur the chatter.. (help me, need sanaty and electricity at my home.. )..