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Whew Posted 9 days ago
Due to me owing the IRS monies, I'm going to keep my comm prices low, indefinitely.
Now, I know how taxes work. A little bit late in life, but better late then never.

Comm prices are as follows:

Base Prices
Sketch: $25
Colored Sketch: $30
Lines + Flats: $40

Additional Characters
Sketch: +$10
Colored Sketch: +$15
Lines + Flats: +$20
Short Vacation Posted 2 weeks ago
Going to be going on a small vacation this upcoming week so I’m going to stop sending commission updates sometime tomorrow and pick back up Sunday night.
January has been a rocky roller coaster for me, so this is a much needed vacation~

See y'all soon!
Livestreaming [ON] Posted 2 weeks ago Late night stream
Offering Color Upgrades Posted 2 weeks ago
Did a poll via Twitter! I'll be offering color upgrades.. I will opt and do color upgrades since I have a better understanding of it. If you'd like a color upgrade on your comm from the Holiday Sale, send me a PM! You will be basically paying the difference. As for my 2023 Prices, if you wanted to upgrade, the same thing. You'll just be paying for the difference. I may not have the pictures on hand anymore, so provide them upon request!

As for older sales, I no longer have access to those old prices, so it just has to be the more recent one. If this does interest you, and you did commission me during my Holiday Sale, or with my newest price sheet, send me a PM or add me via Discord: gamchu#6969
2023 Prices Posted 3 weeks ago
Comms are reopen w/normal prices

Base Prices
Sketch: $ 45
Colored Sketch: $ 50
Lines + Flats: $ 60

Additional Characters:
Sketch: +$20
Colored Sketch: +$30
Lines + Flats: +$40

Fastest way to reach me is Discord: gamchu#6969; alternatively you can send a note or a Twitter DM if you’re interested.
Any questions, you can ask below in the comments
Sunday Stream! Posted 3 weeks ago
Discord Server Posted 2 months ago
To keep up to date, you can join my Discord. Intros aren’t a requirement, and if you want to lurk, that’s fine too.

Lol Posted 2 months ago
I’m not sure who’s constantly suggesting to delete tags on my Sonic posts, but if you don’t wanna see it, then get off my page.

If I type something in and it populates for a tag, then I’m gonna use it. It’s annoying to constantly find someone, or a small group of people upset at (insert franchise here) and people make vore art, or various fetish art. It’s gonna happen.
$80 Sequence Posted 2 months ago
Opening 3 slots for a 3 part sequence priced at $80! Only one character. Additional charges will apply if there is additional characters. If interested, please add me here: gamchu#6969 and we can talk more details via Discord
Settling In/Emergency Comms Still Open Posted 3 months ago
Heya, I’m pretty much fully moved into my new place and I just have a lot of unpacking to to. I’m currently working on my queue, but the sale is still ongoing until the end of this month.

I will be offering short sequences under the sale price, just no full fledged comics. If interested, please send a PM!