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New Patreon?? OwO Posted 9 months ago
Linky link!

As some of you may have noticed, updates to the Vicky comic and my other series have somewhat stagnated recently, leading some people to question if they’ve been abandoned. This is understandable since the last comic page was uploaded 3 months ago, and the last chapter of my Regression series was 8 months ago! The reason progress has been so slow is that last year I made the decision to quit my stressful job and try doing this art stuff full-time. This has been wonderful for my mental and physical health, but it has its challenges. Namely, that stuff is expensive! To pay for essentials like rent and garlic bread, I have been doing commissions pretty much full-time. This pays the bills, but it means that...
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Commissions open for August! Posted 1 year ago
Commissions are now open again for August! You can find all my prices and details here:

You can contact me via PM or discord (hunnter#8897) if you would like to commission me! :3
1 MILLION VIEWS!!!!!!!! and other news! Posted 3 years ago
Oh my gosh it's happened. 1 million views!!! I can't believe it, when I uploaded my first vore arts here nearly 6 years ago I would have been happy if even just a couple peeps liked my stuff, but now with over a million views, 10K favs and over 600 watchers I'm completely overwhelmed! You people are crazy :D I can't thank you all enough for all the support over the years it means so much!! ;_;

I have other news which I was gonna put in a separate blog post, but since I just hit 1 million views at the same time I thought I may as well merge them! So.. I'm not working atm because of the whole global pandemic thing that's currently going on (I'm not infected, just been put on "furlough" until it blows over because my company can't afford my salary). It kinda sucks, but...
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First blog post!! Posted 4 years ago
Never done one of these before but thought I'd give a quick update on where I'm at right now and explain why I haven't uploaded anything for months (Not that I upload a ton anyway X3)

So firstly, I've had a crazy few months. Way back in July, the flat I was renting flooded. Then, most likely due to the damp, I got pneumonia. Then a couple weeks later my lung basically exploded while I was asleep one night and I had to go into hospital. Anyway, long-story-short I was in hospital for 6 weeks and needed surgery, so that was a whole period where I wasn't able to do any art at all.

When I got out I decided to leave my old place because it was all mould ridden, but there weren't any places around within my price range so I had to move in with my grandparents while I...
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