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My Male Fairy OC Posted 5 years ago
Originally posted at: ... irys-curse

Character Art by SizeFetishWorkshop:
CYOA Link:

So I finally decided to do a CYOA imageset thing that I found over on /r/MacroFetish. This is basically what my real life self is within my own fictional universe, and thus I’m my own OC in said universe....
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My Vore Preferences Posted 7 years ago
This is a short list of both dislikes and likes for what I am into for vore.


  • Same-Size
  • Gore / Guro
  • Hard Vore
  • Ugly Stuff (IE: Super gross zombies, rotting people, etc.)
  • Painful Digestion / Pain
  • Furry (You have to have human faces, no non-human noses, have actual skin, rather than fur. This also means, no lizard faces, no dragon faces, etc.)
  • Animal / Bird / Snake / etc.
  • Being the Predator
  • Third-Person Switching From First Person / Third-Person


    • Double Victim (IE: Being eaten while already inside a predator, or being eaten then a predator eats who ate...

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