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Hey there, everyone, I have a huge update for you guys.

So, Patreon won’t be a viable option for me anymore, at least when it comes to vore, because it violates their guidelines. As upset as I with this, it’s their platform and I can’t argue with that. I’m now redirecting all my Patreon subscribers to my new website and Subscribestar: is my new website and, like my Subscribestar, it has the same subscribing system as my Patreon did. It’s still in construction, but for the basic functions, it works just fine. There’s an area just for subscribers but there’s also a public release and a blog where I’ll post updates.

I don’t plan on deleting...
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Summer YCH ends in 6 days Posted 3 years ago

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Commissions end in 2 days(02/04) Posted 4 years ago
Just a heads up. I'll close commissions on the 2nd(didn't want to do it on April fools so you wouldn't think I was fucking with y'all), so if you're still interested in one, reach me till then at
Yup, it's open again, for now. Keep in mind that I'll close once I have enough clients. Regardless, I'll stay open until April 1st.

If you're interested, check it out here: (for some reason I cannot edit my previous commission info here, so you'll have to check it on furaffinity)

READ ALL THE COMMISSION INFO BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS. If you have any other doubts, let me know.

P.S. I'm posting everything I do on my twitter as well, so if you wanna follow me there, here's the link:

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COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN Posted 4 years ago
Alright, boys and girls, commissions are officially open and they`ll stay that way at least till next Friday(0817). I'll be open for a week but that time might stretch(focus on the word "might").

My commission info is right here:


Also, send the scripts/ideas via EMAIL to me([email protected]). I can keep better track of emails than notes, or messages, etc

Well, that's it, fap away!
Commissions will open on FRIDAY 08/10(READ ALL OF THIS) Posted 4 years ago
Ok, boys and girls, I'm going to open for commissions next Friday(08/10).


I'll be open at first for about week(08/10 to 08/17) and I will be reviewing scripts during this period. I say I'll be open "at first" because this time might stretch. No promises though.

This is just a heads up, so you can have your idea thought out till then.

DON'T SEND ME ANY SCRIPTS NOW, OK? As I said, I'm opening on Friday(08/10), so I'll only read and review stuff sent to me after I actually open.

Anyway, if you have any questions THAT ARE NOT ON THE COMMISSION INFO, post a comment bellow. I'd like...
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Boys we did it Posted 5 years ago

A bit late but seriously, I'm so fucking proud right now.
So here's an idea... Posted 5 years ago
So I've been thinking, the "Vore Story" comic has gained a lot of popularity which has made me want to extend it. Initialy I was gonna make 2 chapters only, but now I'm planning on making more and explore other types of vore without any rush.

Now that poses a problem. While I really enjoy making vore and werid stuff I have some ideas for some regular sex comics and series that I had to put on hold for now because of that.

So what I'm thinking of is to create a separate Patreon, just for "normal" stuff. Now, before you twist your tits in rage, I would keep on making the same ammount of content for my current Patreon AND I'd make content for the other one. I don't know if I can keep posting on the new Patreon every month so I'd charge only when I...
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Discord Server Posted 5 years ago
Made a discord server so people can ask questions more easily, se info about commissions, post art, shitpost, etc, so check it out at:
Discord and twitter Posted 5 years ago
So, I made a Discord so I could talk easily to some clients, and I thought I'd share with you all. It'll be easier to reach me: james_howard#8706

Also, and some of you already know this, I have a twitter:

I haven't used it in like 5 years, but I thought it'd be a good way to make announcements, talk about commissions and shit. So, if you're interested in one in the near future and you don't read journals, check it out.