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Made a Char for Marc Posted 1 month ago the milkmaid. He posted it to his channel there.
Tvb's raven fict Posted 2 months ago
Raven nude shopping for herself:

and related sketches
Uploaded wrong tatsumaki file Posted 6 months ago
reuploaded it .
Additional computer crash info. Posted 8 months ago
I don't believe my harddrive's were damaged in the computer crash, but not likely to be recovering the data off them anytime too soon, so anyone asking, I don't have access to the old files I had on it. I'm not to broken up about it ^^:. I got a harddrive external mount that'll use eventually, but I'm fairly busy at the moment, and lets face it... I draw aloooooooooooot of shite XD.
Computer may have been hacked. (updated) Posted 8 months ago
Had some issues with my computer dying, and on my new computer I noticed a bunch of "we hacked your drivers" emails, give us cash or we'll send video of you (i don't have a webcam). So I'm playing it safe (been changing passwords all day), and letting everyone know I haven't emailed anyone lately, so if you had been emailed before by me, ignore anything that looks like a discount version of my email. I do not believe anything was sent out from my own email as my two factor authenticator bounced some attempted access's. I should also say I got some trojan warnings from e-hentai, so an fyi that's possibly a vector if a hacking is the cause of my pc crash.

I did some research and the emails I was receiving was pat of a mass known scam with no real merit, so if you get...
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Why I been so quiet Posted 1 year ago
For those that pay attention probably noticed I been posting pretty little the last month or so. I wound up getting covid, gettng dehydrated enough to wind up in a hospital for an evening after collapsing with what amounted to a fake heart attack, and then got a stupid throat and sinus thing that ended up in a cough as a follow up that lasted two weeks :/. Suffice to say been pretty beat up health wise and been very, very tired. Recovering, but suffice to say I'll probably be bad at replying to things or doing much for a little longer, still dealing with exhaustion and chest issues for the current future. I'll post when I have some images but its hard to sit down for an hour plus at the moment and doodle. Mostly following whim and fancy as the momentary chances to draw pop up.

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updated kim pine set Posted 1 year ago
I accidently cropped the text wrong last second so it was explains why into explains why, so i also updated the background a bit.
If you want big boobs and dino vore. Posted 2 years ago
Lamik d is a guy I actually got a commission going along with and been chatting in discord with and said, hey sure I'll post that you got a dino vore with lots of tit chomping manga for sale here and their pivix link as well
. I'll post this again when my commissions done with the picture he did in a little while. Figured this would be on mode for those that like my stuff while I been on work overheat. even if you don't buy the manga check the pivix for some freebie stuff.
Gurochan issues Posted 3 years ago
So there was a short time here where gurochan got restarted but apparently there was an issue with one of the co runners booting all the others out and doing some shadey stuff so id avoid the site for the time being. Apparently quite alot of crazy going on with the sole operator running it and the other operators locked out.
update on replacement computer components Posted 3 years ago
Welp, i got it back... and it doesn't work. The power doesn't seem to be going to the gpu, it jsut goes in and out and trys to turn on a few times then shuts down with the fans going, and the little bit of time we did get it to run it turned out the repair guy never got the other harddrives other then c (a 120 gigbyte thing that contains... my operating system) hooked up, not my d drive, and when we tried my new 2 terrbyte and plugged it in to see if it'd even register... nothing.

So yeah, thats where i had my art, its clearly not my harddrive but the gpu so its going back to the again, shop today. Current time two week, current cost around 500 :/. Course had to spend time lettign my family poke at it instead of just letting me take it to the shop so i basically lost naother...
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