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streaming for a short bit Posted 3 weeks ago
Lola and octopus deleted. Posted 1 month ago
in case anyone goes looking for it is no longer in my gallery and no longer will be passed out. This is just a notification, comments are turned off.
menchicutlets streaming noaow Posted 4 months ago
Bunch o debreasting animations Posted 5 months ago
Not really on theme with this site, and know a few people who'd want to see em, so their on my gurochan thread https://www.gurochan.cx/art/res/24337.html And there's a link for the people that don't realize i only post like, half my artwork here :P.

Also post here http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Jimsugomi

and if your really, really bored the non-hentai stuff goes here

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Taking a break for like a week or so. (sick) Posted 7 months ago
Gonna not post for a bit, not a huge time, like a week or so, but got pissed off over at gurochan.... and then promptly got sick. I might stream over on piczel sometime over my three day weekend if i get harassed by eko and menchi, but nothing extravagant, decided as far as galleries and posting sites gonna take a bit of time off and not force myself to respond to posts, pms, or try and upload stuff to give myself some time to recover (got some sorta throat based sickness so wheee and kinda been angry for like three days now so both thigns need to work itself out :P). Figure a chance ot not stress would be good, so if anyone tries to pm me keep in mind might be a week or so delay in the reply.
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Only semi dead. Posted 8 months ago
Blame work.


and lots,

of frigging work.

As always junk pile forming up on,
In case you missed the mina boobs from menchicutlets Posted 1 year ago
https://aryion.com/g4/view/507991 https://aryion.com/g4/view/507992 Threw them a commission so they could get foooodz.
Menchicutlets streaming some boobs on a platter picture. Posted 1 year ago
https://piczel.tv/watch/Menchicutlets# Go watch if ye want :P
new additions added Posted 1 year ago
New additions added, probably won;t comment much to posts just an fyi, really tiring week of work and my vacations still a ways off :P was effort just to post what i did cause i blew all my energy on glory and youtube. Bit of a mix of junk.
Return Posted 1 year ago
Going to get some time off coming up here, and enough people have been positive around here and wanting me to come back, so going to try a very very slow amount of posting again here. Basically worried about exhausting myself again, so not going to post much, but officially be back just with less content. Maybe force myself to actually finish more things to a respectable amount instead as much sketches.

So things here and there.