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feel free to post comments on my pages Posted 1 month ago
i want to thank everyone who likes the art i commission, and it is encouraging to see the number of likes. but the best part of posting the art is seeing what people have to say about it, and can be a little disheartening when i don't get any comments. so if you have anything to say about the pictures i buy feel free to tell me. im not trying to pressure anyone, but if you have something to say, but are holding back because you are worried it may be pointless or upset me please feel free. i relish the feedback
kitten love emulator Posted 3 months ago
i discovered a game on steam yesterday, and wanted to recommend it kitten love emulator https://store.steampowered.com/app/971480/Kitten_Love_Emulator/ currently available for less than 50 cents and though(as far as i know,i still haven't finished it, but i am near the end)it only has one actual vore scene, there is constant talk about eating people. "i want to get even closer to you, like stomach level intimacy if you catch my delicious drift" "now that I've found you, I'll never-ever-wever let you go. we'll be together forever-- or at least till i go to the bathroom <3<3<3" for example. it does contain talk of harder stuff too, like cooking live prey, and crushing organs, so fair warning. the game itself is like soda drinker pro, intentionally shoddy looking,...
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happy palindrome day Posted 3 months ago
that is all
why i havent been around Posted 2 years ago
it has been a while since i have posted anything, so i feel i owe you an explanation. due to talking with my therapist she said i have to go out and do more things, which is a bit of a drain on my finances, at the same time a lot of video games have come out that i have wanted, and video games were my thing even before vore, thirdly there are several pages that i have already paid for that haven't been finished, finallyi have been feeling increasingly guilty about my vore fetish, on religious grounds. all of those things together have caused me to put commissions on hiatus at least for now, sorry if that disappoints you
i'm back Posted 3 years ago
back from vacation, thanks for the patience
status update Posted 3 years ago
starting sunday i am going to be offline for about a week, so please dont think i am being rude if i dont respond to you
vore day Posted 3 years ago
i would post something for vore day, but since i commission, i can only post when the artist finishes, that being said, i usually only share wips with the members of my skype group, but since today is vore day, i will share the wip i recieved this morning, it is for page 4 of tourist trapped by dragga


have a happy vore day
gallery reorganization Posted 4 years ago
for the sake of simplification i removed the partial ownership folder from my gallery, that means ychs will be listed as commissions, even if i dont own all the characters, i felt that would make it easier to navigate my gallery
post vore day Posted 4 years ago
now that vore day is over it is time to flood the internet with the resulting scat
birthday! yay! Posted 5 years ago
just figured I should share, my birthday is on Monday (june 23) happy birthday to me!