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Voretober 2018 Posted 4 years ago
I've finished this month-long daily drawing challenge
As a general question, I'd like you to pick up which pictures did you like most
[Open] for Commissions Posted 5 years ago
At this moment only for pictures and comics, and only through this form
Read carefully before sending.
Mouse Cleaning Service- Coming Januray 4th Posted 6 years ago

Mouse Cleaning Service will be published on Jan 4th 12:00pm IST
Stay put.

For production material and other work in progress in this extensive animation check out my Patreon
Overdue for an update Posted 6 years ago

So, I've finally finished my third year studies (notwithstanding final animation project and a final animation script, pre-seminar, seminar and critical viewing paper).
As for the state of things to come, I'll be spending the rest of June and July on producing my Mouse Cleaning Service animation.
I'll be posting updates in regards to the production on my Patreon when I feel they're substantial and post finished scenes (for 7$ pledges upwards) when they're done.

Many thanks, Feedfancier
26 Birthday Posted 6 years ago
So, it's been about three years since I've started drawing and uploading vore art and I've now celebrated my 26 birthday.
I've since opened accounts on DeviantArt|Furaffinity|Eka-Portal|YouTube|Twitter|Tumblr|Picarto|Patreon
I'll see if I can keep this project going ...
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My Twilight's Nightmare animation got age-restricted Posted 7 years ago
One year and 3,500,000 views after publishing my animation, someone flagged it as age-restricted. Hence my video has been disabled from monetization.
While it's not the end of the world, my ad revenues from this animation made roughly 50% of my monthly YT earnings. It also means that any of my current and future videos can be disabled in a similar way.
I love animating vore but I also want the financial support to keep doing vore themed animations.
I'll provide my donation channels if you'd like to help me out...
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News and announcements Posted 7 years ago
Just getting a few news on the table:
If anyone missed my animation Cereal Trouble, please watch it at your leisure.

I've opened a live-streaming channel ... eedfancier, if you'd like to watch me as I work log in, follow and you'd be messaged when I'd start a stream (I'd set times for it in the future).

I've opened a mailing-list for followers from different galleries to sign in and...
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Cereal Trouble - Available, with an appoligize Posted 7 years ago
Cereal Trouble was uploaded three days ago on #voreday2015.
Due to error on YouTube’s part advertisements didn’t show on the video.
At the time I assumed it was an error on my part and chose to re-upload the video and redirect viewers to it.
I’ve decided to stick with the old upload and regret my mistake. Next time I’d check this thoroughly before making slapdash decisions.
Thank you all!
Cereal Trouble - Trailer Posted 7 years ago
I'll publish this video on August the 8th,
Choo Choo #voreday2015
Cereal Trouble (Upcoming Vore animation) Posted 7 years ago - Screencaps folder
A simple screencaps pack for my upcoming vore animation.
Hopefully being released in the following months.