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Disc ´+ queue Posted 3 months ago
:3 well

So far i've got to sketch  mab2 3 page comic! Need to clean it and lineart it/full color it :D got kinda away these last weeks when it comes to art since uhh

I had a problem at home, I had a "break up" with my husband but we came back together, we're gonna work out things which is important and in fact we haven't fight at all, just me not being able to open up with my problems, but that left me a few weeks really depressed/inactive, now I feel a lot better to keep up and at least be around :'D wish me the best! Literally breaking up a 7 years old relationship wasn't fun, we came back together after a long conversation and as I said we're going to work out things and he'll be there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on.

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Commissions closed Posted 6 months ago

I'll take 5 slots here in Ekas, I'm accepting full colors for now!

-1  spicypoper
-2  royalserpent
-3  thorstone
-4 mab2
-5 artriedes

This is my commission info! trello link onedrive folder.

If you got questions lemme know!

edit: im closed ;_; they went fast!
Thankyou so muchhh!


Stream! Posted 9 months ago

doing instream comms im closed atm but i want company ;3;
friend taking commmisssss Posted 11 months ago


In-Stream comms weekend Posted 2 years ago
WELP tomorrow and sunday i'll do some in-stream comms
Sunday is my birthday, but since i'm a loner I'll stream comms, anyone buying anything its my birthday gift (literally).

examples: NSFW

they'll go for 40 usd a single pic, adding another character for 20 usd.

YES: Vore, NSFW, Rule 34, magic, anything xD
NO: Loli/shota/cub NSFW, scat, watersports, rape and gore.

I'll upload a picture, and say in twitter ...
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Commissions open and life stuff - pasted from FA Posted 2 years ago
Hello Everyone :'0

After a while I decided to open comms; which resulted in making a weebly for information, a discord server for management of inquiries and such

I updated my prices, please check them there!
If you want to commission me please fill out a form in this discord server

I'll contact you back asking for an e-mail to drop an invoice or such.
I added Reteki/Sheltem/Kagero on the list since I need to be working on yours comms too.

For the Patreon Sketches I owe, or any picture...
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✨ Woop Woop! An update of course! 23rd of May 2019 ✨ - from FA Posted 2 years ago
Hello my fellas! Fellows and foes (?) if there are any AHAHAH

OOF been MONTHS of fighting but hnng I finally can say that I'm on my "normal" way of things.
I feel comfortable with my stuff again; I don't feel this HORRIBLE anxiety or either panic attacks! Which is super nice for me!

Me and my partner moved to Colombia like 2 months ago and we've been between highs and downs as usual; but we keep kicking up together as always! He's been so nice with me and he'd been taking care whenever he can; still he doesn't have much time so I just see him around weekends (afternoons he comes to sleep and eat xD).

Beside that; I've been able to open more myself within my Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; still I haven't find any psychiatrist...
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Life Update - Brought to you by Katojana Posted 3 years ago
Hello everyone, Katojana here.
I’m writing this journal on behalf of Natty since she is currently not able to.

She is living but to say she’s fine would be an overstatement. She is not.

Currently she’s avoiding any kind of social interaction. Even simply being online or even on her computer stresses her out to an unhealthy level. Even talking to me, her closest Friend she has, is agony currently for her and fills her up with anxieties and stress. She is visiting psychotherapy two times a week and now also will visit the Psychiatrist (a separate one for meds) once a week.
So that gives you a rough idea how bad it is.

It’s none of your guys doing in particular. It’s just that her past gave her more problems than initially thought.
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Update 02/07 (omg 2 months HAHA) - Discord Server and such Posted 3 years ago



AAAAAAA -screams-

OKAY omg these last 2 months has been kinda rough on this old bear xD you guys don't know how much I've been arting and there are things that I've haven't posted anywhere :') maybe one of these days I will post them (if they say yes cofcof).

I THINK i reached my queue up to date, still my Trello seems a bit empty since there are some things that I can't post there (cofcof copyrights) or because some people ask me for private stuff/I give the thing through e-mail/discord PM and I don't post it there.

But yeah i can say that I did many things so this bear is proud -shines- *even if i havent posted that much here ahaha...
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Apologies due to disappearance - important notice Posted 3 years ago
Hey guys!
Long time no see D; first off I want to apology here to everyone because of the lack of responsibility from myself.

These last months I got pain in my right arm, I had to take some rest which led to my wellness, I pretty much tried as much as I could to get through it 8D; still I need to go to the doc and such, but now I am a lot better, so I may return to my normal schedule of work, since I don't feel the pain that I used to feel when it started, still I need to take some exams and such, I'm Vitamin D deficient so it may explain the joint or articulation pain within my arm and my hand.
Plus I got Gastroenteritis for a week and half because I got intoxicated with food, poisoned by food |'D; So i was in bed for a pretty good while because of that.
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