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Birthday Posted 5 days ago
Tomorrow is my birthday.
why so willing to be eaten Posted 1 month ago
a thought has come to me. why do some prey are so willing to be eaten by a pred?

is it because they are come to a part of their lives that are now meaningless?

are they contraled by a parasite that required a warm host body to reproduce (ew)

a goddess/demon/magic user who can return after death, just for the fun of it?

whats your idea?
Accepting gift art. Posted 2 months ago
If any one is interested, i'm really do accept gift art or fan art.

It could be any of my characters, vore or not.

I really do like a surprise of any fan art or gift art.

If you are not an artist that's fine, you don't have to worry.

There's no deadline to meet just do one in your own time.

I try to do a gift art to any those who watch me in deviantart and FA, ( though I get sacred if they don't like it or over react if I have not informed them)

PM me if you have done one.
plushies Posted 4 months ago
this is a weird question has anyone ever made a plush that looked like it vored something?

like a pocket/pouch with a zipper or Velcro to stuff other plush or plushes inside?

humanoid mostly.

p.s sorry if i have not repelled to your comments on these blogs, not sure how to respond to them, but i am reading them.
Site question Posted 5 months ago
Why dose eka’s portal log me out, even I had the “stay logged on” is switched on?
Thank you Posted 1 year ago
Thank you for the birthday messages, sorry if I didn’t respond to them.

It wasn’t a good one everyone of my family was busy, though I’am In my mid 30’s guess it’s not a big thing when I was younger. :(
Birthday Posted 1 year ago
:) :wink: :gulp: cake
Is this a tabo? Posted 1 year ago
A very strange though came to me, voreing a pregnant female characters.

Is it a bit too far?
Sorry Posted 1 year ago
Sorry for that last post I just got stressed about the lack of comments on the latias and Latios pics. I just want a bit of feedback on them, after hours of trying on paint 3D.

I’m still trying out more software art to use, manly my main program was paint. Microsoft has removed it since windows 10 came about, though they say it be in the Microsoft App Store but that’s back in 2017 nothing yet.

So I’m sorry for the outburst, I am trying others: sketchbook, fire alpaca and some others.

I will upload but it’s going to take a while to get use to theses art apps. :oops:
No more uploads Posted 1 year ago
That’s all