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vore thoughts(tm) Posted 7 months ago
somethin that occurred to me is how artists can choose to portray whether or not the person in the tum can be heard...

like either you can:

a) have the person be totally audible to those around them, both to the pred and bystanders, leading to the either funny comments from the disgruntled prey within or the scary-horny having the next victim being able to hear the previous one (and this route is prolly the most common tbh)

b) bystanders can't hear the prey, but the pred can hear them (and the prey can usually hear the pred/everyone), sort of like a personal vore telepathy. presumably because the voice echos inside the pred's body but doesn't actually manage to escape, leading to the kinda interesting powerplay of the pred ignoring the prey's crying...
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a small question lol Posted 1 year ago
just wondering, why is it that most people on this site seem to use "zoomed-in" thumbnails? i assumed it must be some sort of automatic functionality or something, but my recent uploads have thumbnails that aren't zoomed in?

i feel like it makes it harder to find pics sometimes because the preview will just be like, a face and then you click and then WHO KNOWS what you're actually getting in the full pic haha. but idk maybe i'm missing something!
thanks for the warm welcome!!! Posted 1 year ago
finally... i am among my peoples... thanks to everyone for the welcomes! like i mentioned before this is gonna be a "vore-only" gallery for me, will be postin more stuff soon!