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new content. Posted 4 years ago
So far, everything I've posted has already been on giantess world, or Deviant Art. Today I posted something new. I will wait a few days, and then put it on DA, then Giantessworld. I think that will be my new posting order. I'm working on some big stuff, so I don't know how timely I'll be.
conundrum Posted 4 years ago
When it rains, it pours for me. Once I'm done transferring my old stuff, I have a few projects I'm trying to choose from.

1. Finishing "another night another the dish" ( a series of Forbidden Dish stories that take place in one day)

2. A few loose unaware and transformation stories

3. World building with my Minutia Inc storyline (new world order shrunken prisoners)

4. One of two Felarya stories I've half started a year or two ago

5. Hard cannibal stuff (is there even an audience for that here?)

I'm acting all squirrely. I need to focus on one and get it done. Input would be appreciated.
slowly getting there Posted 4 years ago
I'm trickling things over to this site. I don't know how many I have. I'm trying to categorize them so people with certain interests can find what they like a bit better. I'm in sort of a crowded house, and only i8oishi1 knows, so I have to wait for everyone else to be out or asleep.
a gallery you say? Posted 4 years ago
Well, I finally asked for permission to open a gallery. In the course of the next few days, I'll put up my existing work from other sites, then, time permitting; I will put up new things. Who knows; maybe I'll even bother to add an avatar.