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Burp Fetish Forums Google Drive Archive Posted 5 months ago
Here is my archive of content from the old and new Burp Fetish Forums.
Writing Tips Posted 1 year ago
For the past year, I’ve been building an archive of various guides, advice, and tutorials to help me improve my writing, with topics ranging from developing characters and composing dialogue to describing settings and formatting stories. These tips have been useful in allowing me to hone my skills as a writer and I hope that others will find it just as rewarding.
A Revelation Posted 1 year ago
A few hours ago, a story that I wrote as my part of a trade with Brown — — A.K.A. Supermarvel5 —, titled Charly the Cute Monster —, was accused of fetishizing underaged characters by softtcontent — / I have been accused of being a pedophile, even though I never wrote thode stories with the intent to sexualize minors, and the ages of the characters in my stories were never meant to be an appeal to anyone. I would like to apologize for my actions and try to make amends with however I can. I will delete my offending story, as well as any similar ones, and, should it be deemed...
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Hiatus Posted 1 year ago
Starting on Tuesday, August 25th, 2020, I will be going back to College, so I will be busy with schoolwork and will not have much time to write stories or the requests that I was given. I’ll try to get more stories out when I get the time. However, I will NOT be taking any new requests, suggestions, and/or commissions until I am finished with the stories that I promised to finish. I have dozens of stories that I have to write and I will need a lot of time to finish them. I will post a status update saying that I am available when I am all caught up. Until then, please DO NOT attempt to send notes, comments, emails, and/or other messages to me about any stories that you want me to make. My last day of college will be Friday, December 18th, 2020, so wait until then to interact with me, as I...
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An offer. Posted 4 years ago
Hello, all. For those of you whom might not be aware, I run an interactive on called Belching Girls: Multi-media (Vore & WG). As of the time of this writing, the characters interactive is currently at 1,524 chapters in length, though most of those are just suggestion chapters, and most of the story chapters are less than forty sentences long. While some great stories have been crafted there by myself, it is everyone else who worked on the other chapters, coming up with ideas that I could not, using characters that I didn't consider, and writing for shows that I have no experience with. It is through their contributions and creativity that the interactive has...
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Weird Fairy Tales Posted 4 years ago
So, I was assigned to read a book about French fairy tales for my college history class, called "The Great Cat Massacre", and I found something interesting.

In eighteenth-century France, peasants would tell the original version of "Little Red Riding Hood", where a girl is told by her mother to bring some bread and milk to her grandmother. As the girl is walking through the forest, a wolf comes up to her and asks where she is going.
"To grandmother's house," she replies.
"Which path are you taking, the path of the pins or the path of the needles?"
"The path of the needles."
So the wolf takes the path she of the pins and arrives first at the house. He kills grandmother, pours her blood into a...
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Suggesting an Original Character Posted 5 years ago
Hello, I've written a concept for an original character that involves belching on my interactive: Belching Girls: Multi-Media (Vore & WG). If you want to add more O.C.s or other chapters over there, then please do so, because any help would be appreciated.

Backstory: As the daughter of industrial moguls Duncan Connor and María Bacch (Named after the Bacchus, the Roman god of Wine), 17-year-old Becky Bacch was born to inherit their Multi-Billion-Dollar Soda-and-Beer company called Popsi-Cola Inc. Through an amalgamation of sharp business savvy and inept competition, the likes of Budweiser and...
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