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Discord Server Posted 1 year ago
Reminder that I have a discord server where I share the progress of my game development and upload playable betas .3.
emergency commission signal boost Posted 3 years ago
Lasterousdiamond is doing commissions to raise funds so they can visit their girlfriend.
They would prefer to do SFW and general smut art.
Coin Diver update notification Posted 3 years ago
The google drive link was linking to an older copy of the game. It has been fixed now so please redownload the game if you used that link.
Naija's Discovery update Posted 3 years ago
Added 6 more pages to the Naija's discovery comic.
Mugen Elsa Release Posted 3 years ago
A collab between and me.



Get her out here:
What do people like from me? Posted 4 years ago
What type of work do you like best from me?
Discord Posted 5 years ago
I has a discord server :3
Karin released! Posted 6 years ago
My new Mugen vore character has been released! ... 1#p1614571
Its an edited Karin Kanzuki from Street Fighter Alpha 3.
Random question! Posted 7 years ago
Question for my watchers :3
What are your top 3 favorite vore types?
Tabitha update Posted 7 years ago
Tabitha has been updated!