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Open for commissions Posted 2 weeks ago
Accepting four slots for commissions

Can be custom or a ych template.

Make sure you write a full message of what you would like in easy to read sentences, and make sure you have the image examples or references you want me to use.

FUCKING TWITTER Posted 3 weeks ago
Now my account has been suspended...

Now what!?
Comm slots Open Posted 3 weeks ago
3 Slots are currently Open

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open

Either a YCH or a custom commission is fine. Please make sure to read my comm rules first and write a full and proper message on what you want.

Make sure to provide good image refs etc.
Help me understand? Posted 1 month ago
I had re-posted my advert on ych commissions but I am not getting any orders.

I know I cannot force anyone to get a commission from me, but I would like to understand why my ych comm templates are not selling.

Ther are of a reasonable price and they are easy to fit the majority of female to male characters.

Maybe you lovely people could give me some clarity?
YCH Commission OPEN Posted 1 month ago
YCH folder:

Any fan art or original character or anthro etc

When Sending a PM, please include the details of your commission, plus a link to the YCH you'd like, plus a good image reference (full body pls)
Never doing Art trades again Posted 1 month ago
Either the artist is being difficult with me, can't make their mind up...

Or the artist makes no effort on their part with their side of the art trade when I do.

When I look at their artwork i think "this looks amazing, i'd like to see how the person would draw something for me while i do the same for them." Then while they get a really good version from my own art style, I get some shoddy work at the end.

Or the artist never gets back to me after I finish the art for them.

I am done with trades forever.
Commissions are closed, going to be really busy Posted 1 month ago
I apologize but I am going to close commissions now.

To those who played and reserved a spot, I will make sure to get a start on yours adap

Please bare in mind that I will be busy with my own work/life outside the lewd fetish art so I appreciate your patience.

For those that missed out, you will have to wait and try to not take too long next time. I suggest you read my blogs or look at the commission info to see if any slots are open.

Asking me if a slot is open or not is only waisting time.
2 slots left , last chance Posted 2 months ago

I have 2 slots left and will not start commissions untill these slots are taken up.

Furthermore, Next week I will be busy with family so I wont be able to tackle any commissions either until say, starting next week.
Closing soon Posted 2 months ago
Will soon close comm slots

i have two spaces left.
Commission slots (closed) Posted 2 months ago
Opening commission slots to order/reserve.

1. Taken (Gorgrath177)
2. Taken (cedricc666)
3. Taken (JaredTheCat)

My commission rules should be pretty simple and easy to follow/read
I am doing YCH poses at the moment. If you have a template that I do not have and want me to use, please make sure to link that.

I am a VISUAL person and respond better to images (good quality please). Long writing is difficult to process for me.

Thank you.