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Inbox clean up Posted 2 days ago
Going to start cleaning up/deleting all inbox messages to make some room. So I apologize if someone/anyone who has sent me a message.
Commissions CLOSED Posted 13 days ago
All slots have been taken, so comms are closed for now until next time.
One Last spot Posted 2 weeks ago
Got one last spot available for anyone who would like a commission.

Thank you.
3 slots still open Posted 2 weeks ago
Got three more slots open for reservation. Will start comms once all slots have been filled.

Thank you.
Commissions OPEN Posted 2 weeks ago
Opening up both YCH and Normal Commissions. I have four slots available for reservation.

Do make sure to check out my commission info first before proceeding ^^

Thank you
3 slots still open Posted 3 weeks ago
3 slots open for reservation.

Will start on commissions as soon as these have been filled
YCH COMMISSIONS OPEN Posted 4 weeks ago
Opening 4 slots for any of my YCH (your character here) poses/templates.

Please make sure to type EVERYTHING you want included within your commission ^^

Thank you.
2 SLOTS LEFT Posted 1 month ago
wow, two spots reserved and now only two spots left to reserve for a commission :D
3 slots still open Posted 1 month ago
Got 3 commission slots still open for reservation.
YCH OPEN Y'ALL Posted 1 month ago
Opening up 4 slots for any YCH commissions.

Link here: https://aryion.com/g4/view/515293

There is no time limit on these ych so you can pick and choose whichever you like. PM me for details please.

Paypal payment only.