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still no idea Posted 4 days ago

it appears no one can really tell me or give me some reasons as to- Why some lewd artists cannot draw straigth sex poses where the female pred has a big belly.
still dont get it Posted 2 weeks ago
artists draw lewd vore/porn art,

people can commission them to do so,

yet either its a taboo subject or no one /not many artists) wants to or feels comfortable drawing straight sex vore at all.

Ain't accusing anyone (i have my own reserved opinions) but i dont quite get it.

Vore art is a kind of porn art we can agree on that. So what or why is it that either no one or not that many, would draw straight sex vore poses for a female pred and her male lover?

Is it difficult to draw sex poses of a big bellied woman making love to a man?
All spots have been taken.

Will re-open once I am available
COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN (updated) Posted 1 month ago
Doing normal/custom commissions


It can be related to the ych templates or something different

Just please show me the image reference you want me to use. Be it character(s) and pose. I am a visual person and often I find it easier with pictures than text.

If your commission is a bit complicated, remember to proofread what you have written.
comms closed Posted 2 months ago
comms closed for now. Will open them again when i am available ^^
YCH comm Posted 2 months ago
I got two available slots for anyone who wants to commission me.

Make sure to check the your character here or YCH folder in my gallery.

A simple yet peacefull message Posted 4 months ago
To those of you who do not like the underage milf/older woman x young boy/teen boy art I post, or who are just uncomfortable at my lewd drawing; I do apologize and you do not have to look at my stuff. You can simply ignore it or there is some kind of filter system on here in the settings.

If you are uncomfortable with age difference sexual romantic content, thats fine. We all have our tastes.

To the rest, I thank you for the comments and positivity you give me.

(No one has sent me any bad messages. No one has made a negative or hurftul comment. I am just typing this as a general rule and a small reminder. We all have our likes and our dislikes. I just really like romantic older women x young boy lewd romance stuff. Simple)
Recent June Commissions Posted 5 months ago
A small rant (well maybe not that small) Posted 6 months ago
Here my rant of the day as follows;

If you dont like it, just move on to look at something else. I have seen SO MUCH stuff on here that makes my skin crawl or creeps me out BUT i prefer to keep my opnions to myself.

My stuff I consider to me romantic and wholesome, compared to what I have been seeing in other peoples galleries or what otehr commission from otehr artists.

Someone on here (wont name anyone) claims i am into pedophillia. For starters, you are sick dude.
Second, look at what other stuff that is on here before judging someone else stuff.
Thirdly, if i was a pedo, i would of been kicked out ot banned a long time ago.
Lats of all, I aint into any pedo crap!

Just because i draw romantic NSFW...
[ Continued ... ]
Hello all, I am re-opening commissions.

Individual YCH poses is 15 euros please. Paypal ONLY - FULLY COLOURED

Please look at the upd to date gallery of my YCH poses (copy and paste link)

Or just browse for it in my gallery folder.

Details on character of choice for the poses, clothing, nudity, text is entirely up to you at no extra cost.