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Aussie vore lovers where u at Posted 4 months ago
Come to my brethrens,,,
Looking to commission! Posted 4 months ago
Hey im looking to comm someone whos comfortble drawing either one or multiple of the following,
Transformation, hyper boobs, anal vore, cock vore, hyper cock or hyper fat
The character will be me, you will go off of a ref i did recently of me, ( dont judge rip)
Its on my gallery if you want to see it.
Pricing isnt an issue, thank so much!
requests Posted 10 months ago
hiya im boreddd! so any of you have any requests/suggestions?? im up for drawing anything !! (except minors)
most likely will be a sketch

i have the right to decline !
Favourite type of vore? Posted 1 year ago
so, whats your guys favourite types of vore?
mine are Anal, Cock, and Nipple (which needs more love btw) Vore!