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Kind of back (sorta) Posted 7 months ago
Hey it's me, it's been a while again.

You might notice another burst of uploads of old comms I've been digging up, since I've been so preoccupied with work.

After realizing life doesn't get easier, not do I get more time, I'm resorting to just posting when I have something to post, instead of waiting around for the right moment.

So yeah, expect more half-assed or experimental sketches (hopefully)
Regarding the shitton of posts lately Posted 1 year ago
So here's the scoop. My tablet pen is broken, so I'm uploading a backlog of comms I've done a while ago.

The reason I've been holding onto them is because I'm working on the most comprehensive comic I've made to date.

With life constantly getting in the way, the process has been slow and tedious. But to lead up to it's eventual release, I hope you'll enjoy this absolute scattershot of different things.

So yeah, commissions are still closed as I can't draw and won't be able to for a little while longer.

Thanks for sticking with me.
Coming Soon™ Posted 1 year ago
It has been a while since I've been proper active on here.

Just know that stuff is coming soon.

And thank you for 1 mil views, thas crazy.

Love y'all.
Giveaway Winners Posted 3 years ago
And the results are in. After putting in all the 41 usernames of everyone who entered, into a random name selector. This is what was spit out:

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 1st. Prize Winner ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* is user: Bags and will therefore recieve a fully colored and shaded comission

✧・゚2nd & 3rd ✧・go to: user: xvx17 and user: Fyr3 who'll each get a sketch

Congratulations to the winners, I'll have taken contact by the time this comes up. And thank you to everyone for participating, and to those who didn't win, better luck next time ;3 I hope to do more of these in the future.
Commissions: Open Posted 3 years ago
Heya, just thought I'd take on some commissions now that I have some downtime ^^
So if you're interested you can check my prices: ... =teabender
Or just message me to work out a deal.
Break Time Posted 3 years ago
I will have to shift my focus on some very important tasks the next while. So idk how active I'll be.
I do have a comic idea that I'll get out in sketches, but prolly not much more than that.

Thank you for the commission and trades! ^^ Can't wait till I have time to open up shop again.
Open for commissions Posted 3 years ago
I finally have some free time, from until after new years basically. So I'm open for commissions again, trades and even requests, all though they will definitely take least priority.
Other than that, hope you all have had a wonderful holiday and will have a fantastic transition into the new year.
Thank you for everything (so far) Posted 4 years ago
I don't much socialize on this site as much as I'd like. But let me just take this chance to thank all of you for liking my things and encouraged me to improve.
In a strangely platonic sense, I love y'all <3 and I hope that I won't let you down.

But to address the title of this entry, for anyone that cares

I'm going off Eka's for a while, there are multible reasons for that:
1. I'll be away from my desktop over the summer and drawing on my laptop is hell (my latest choppy animation took 3 hours)
2. I have to focus on improving on my croquis and portfolio in general. Cuz, I don't think the art university I'm applying to, would appriciate a bunch of furry vore porn (just a hunch)
3. I'll be travelling to Asia with no parental...
[ Continued ... ]