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Self Acceptance

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: Stabbings

Tags: Male M/M Anal Anal Vore Beach Invalid Tag Male Prey Self-Vore Male Pred Sexy Pred Selfcest anallio sexy ass

This is my OC Anallio Rectus anal voring himself.

Critique welcomed.  

Ursa - 4 years ago

this is a masterpiece

Mamerui - 4 years ago

Where the fuck are his private parts

Sargentcobra - 4 years ago

I have seen self anal Vore before it was on a aqua teen hunger force episode but I can't remember witch one but it was in the first or second season

eatmeplease - 4 years ago


TheDarkOne1001 - 4 years ago

I would love to see him anal vore someone :P