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Leaving Ekas - Will be Clearing out Gallery Posted 4 years ago
Since vore has never been a fetish for me I've decided to stop drawing it altogether. It was originally fun to work with but now I have lost all interest with it.

In a few days I will be going through and clearing out all of my submissions here, and then this account will become inactive.

If you wish to follow my normal non-vore works, you can keep up with me at my FurAffinity:

Just throwing up a heads up before I go through and do all of that. If you have any commissions from me, I would suggest you save them.
What do you want to see more of? Posted 5 years ago
Hey friends! I'm surprised at all the love I got on my latest piece (Dragon's Dinner), and I want to thank you all for enjoying my vore works! At the moment I've been having a lot of trouble getting ideas for stuff to draw, so I wanted to perhaps get the opinions of you guys, my lovely watchers. What vore pieces do you enjoy the most from me, or what characters of mine would you like to see more of? Gender pairings, species, etc are all things that I would love to have more input on so I have a better idea of what do draw in my free time since I don't really have any preferences for any of them. Thanks so much for any comments here! <3