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Hello everyone!

Im an artist who used to make a lot more vore are years ago... but I guess I have kinda grown out of it a bit and do commissions of it now. You wont see any of my characters doing vore anymore but im wanting to do more vore commissions!

So enjoy my gallery and please contact me if you want a commission. I do PRIVATE commissions as well, that means only you and me see it, and who ever you choose to show!

If you love my art and want to see more non vore... Im more active on my FA account Beautyofthebass. I make fursuits too!

I DO NOT roleplay. Please don't ask me for Skype or anything, I only share those with people I build up a friendship with, I get asked too much. But ill be happy to comment back and pm :)

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Take a look in my commissions folder and read all the information!

Then PRIVATE MESSAGE ME with what STYLE you want, (ballpoint pen... or line art... or shaded lines ect.)

Please read all the information.

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Posted by alf949 6 years ago Report

What or how much do you take for a commission


Posted by CGR-7 6 years ago Report

Welcome to the club, Botb. =)

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Posted by Paraffine 6 years ago Report

Previous one was short.... I remember your art from other sites. It's nice to see you here. You have a unique style, sometimes a bit horrifying, but sometimes that's actually a good thing. Hi!

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Posted by BlackRose 6 years ago Report

I was curious where you went off to! I still got the commission you did for me a year or so ago :D


Posted by Paraffine 6 years ago Report


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Hyena Boi

Posted by Hyena Boi 6 years ago Report

Awesome stuff ^^


Posted by JackJackal 6 years ago Report

Hey! Nice artwork! :3


Posted by 9kirby99 6 years ago Report

Hey, are you up for a request?


Posted by Lumesa 6 years ago Report


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