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My name's Plume. A genderless and really tiny (0.16inches/4 millimeters) half-griffin thingy.
IRL, I'm a French person interested in a lot of things. Video Games, art, animes, music, food... Sometimes books...
I'm also fascinated by anything weird. (Including anything you'd call a "fetish", but to me it's not really like that. Especially anything size-difference related!)

Oh, and I'm a terrible artist. -- I mean, I can color really well and finalize other people's sketches. But despite several years spent trying, I can't draw characters at all.
Basically, I have the power to bring people's world into life, while other people have the power to help me exist through their worlds. (Replace "world" by "art" or "imagination".)

Anyway. I'm mostly here to meet new friends and to see the art of great artists.

If you wanna learn more about Plume, you can go here:
"Who's Plume ?" - Tumblr

Where can you find me?
Art Galleries...
FurAffinity: Cuteness-Overlord | My main gallery, I'll post everything here...
DeviantArt: The Cuteness Overlord | My "last" gallery. I won't take care of it a lot. But well, at least I have one gallery there.
Social Thingies...
Tumblr: Plumes Diary... | Just a "blog" where I'll post random things about random stuff. If I ever post.

Where can you talk with me?
• You can send me a PM if you ever want to talk in private with me.
• You can follow this link to poke me on telegram. (Tiny_Plume)
• My Discord is Tiny Plume#0001, I'm always active here.

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Hello, my friends.
Here's a small journal to announce the (re)opening of a discord server: The Strawberry Corner.

This discord server is a small community where Sizestuff, Vore, Paw & Feet, and just about everything.
The server comes with well-organized general/gaming/memes discussion channels, Roleplay channels, Voice chats, and of course, galleries to share the things you liked, or the things you made.

Do note, however, that Vore channels aren't organized by types of vore (that'd be too many channels), but rather in a SFW/NSFW fashion, separating oral vore from the more kinky stuff.
So, be sure to be open-minded if you join. (Gore or more Extreme stuff have...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by TinyGlen 8 days ago Report

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*Squeals in joy*
Thank you so much, it means a lot! <3


Posted by Scottglass 9 days ago Report

Aw hehe ^w^
No harm done~
Your art is still amazing and I still love your style <3


Posted by Lilaka291 4 months ago Report

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Aw thanks :), Your art is very cute, you certainly live up to your namesake ^v^


Posted by BeoBloodMoon 5 months ago Report

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You're welcome!

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Posted by littlebun 7 months ago Report

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Aww!! thank you!!! <33

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Posted by Tetravexitus 7 months ago Report

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no worries at all


Posted by Scottglass 10 months ago Report

<< Reply To CutenessOverlord

Aw thanksies~
Yours is better X3
Keep up the awesome work! ^^


Posted by Kelly 1 year ago Report

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Aww thankies uwu when ever I push something out ( never ) Its normaly Spaltoon related :D


Posted by minakotomoka14 1 year ago Report

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You`re welcome! I think your art is very cute, hehe.


Posted by Done25 1 year ago Report

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Awww, you're welcome! Always need to watch the tinies so they don't accidentally get stepped on! :V


Posted by CajunCreeper1 2 years ago Report

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Your welcome


Posted by delete925b3df 2 years ago Report

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You're very welcome owo/

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