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crocodile's legacy
and hard), digestion, disposal)
the lion and subsequently the unlucky human had made their way
through Regina's digestive tract, several findings of the more alert
humans who tended to her made her life a lot more pleasant. For one
they had started to recognise her cold blooded nature and thus had
moved her to an open enclosure where the sun could speed up the
digestion of her meals and they had also noticed she did not need to
be famished to have enough of

queen of the Colosseum
(soft and hard), digestion disposal, regurgitation)
had no idea what the humans were up to this time. In the twenty years
she had been living in the river next to an ever growing city, the
crocodile had not even come close to understanding evrything the
strange cretures did. Right now she was struggling aginst the horrid
mix of give and unyielding pull from a reenforced fishing net which
had been draped over her reptilian form. She had been used to them


stray eating contest pt.3

(vore, digestion, regurgitation)

Eventually Sunday came and Yvette, accompanied by her new squeeze and former competitor Stacy, went to the same compound where they had met on round one. They both had had an entire day filled with a lot of cuddles, sex and trying not to think about food to prepare for the event. Yvet

A lesson in opportunism

(soft vore, graphic digestion, implied disposal)

Sir Richard was a glowing example of the new age in which not only swordsmanship and a good figure on the field of battle could earn a monarch’s favour, but that the esteemed knighthood could also be obtained by employing reason and curiosity to advance the ki

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Since my old info blog is outdated, I decided to make a new one to keep those interested informed.

I do vore and smut writing commissions in the region of 500 to 4000 words. Extra sizes can be discussed if the topic allows to write more.
I charge 7,50€ per 1000 words (around 8$)
I am pretty flexible and will do a lot of things but there are certain topics I am keen to avoid as I do not enjoy them and would probably deliver a bad story if I tried.

Topics I avoid:
human predators

Also fanfiction might be difficult to do but I am open to suggestions and talks.

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Your welcome. Keep up the great work


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it was quite a very interesting story..


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Fischie can I here your aquatic suggestions

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My pleasure. It was a very enjoyable story


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When someone watches your derelict eka's page. *hyperventilates*

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