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It was a pretty awkward dinner, as it had been for the past—what?—two months or so since Robert had to move out? Linda would’ve been stupid to say that things hadn’t been quite the same ever since. Firstly, they had to move out of the house. Not even Robert could afford to keep it on his cushy lawyer's salary, but Linda was even worse off. Logically, divorcing what was basically a glorified sugar daddy hadn’t exactly been the best move for a housewife like her, but she had to do it. Sh

“I just need you to… God, I can’t just let her… Please, Huell, just bring her back, please? She doesn’t know what she’s doing, and this is all just so… I don’t care about what measures you have to take. You can eat her whole for all I care, so long as you bring her back. Okay? You got that?” Saul Goodman, formerly Jimmy McGill, asked, doing his little hand movement. “Think you can do it?”“Reasonably,” Huell answered simply, leaning back where he stood. The office of Sau

“Ugh, dad’s home late again. Bet he’s been out drinking and eating some rando woman again. Who wants to guess what she looks like this time? XPPP” Olivia tapped into her phone, kicking her feet in the air, lying on her bed. She’d gotten home from school a few hours ago, and had spent that entire time chatting with her friends on her phone, alongside taking selfies and posting them, obviously. She was far from an influencer or anything, but her classmates and friends liked her posts, an

“-With us now at the scene is our criminal reporter Gene Takavic. What do you have to say about this grisley phallic murder, Gene?” the cute reporter for Channel Five News asked sweetly. Mike wondered hazily what she would look like buried up to her neck in his cock. The camera shifted over to Takavic, who stood outside a most familiar airport. “I’m standing outside Ulvedahl Airport and, well, as you might expect, it’s nothing you might enjoy looking at. Traces of what is believed to b

Groaning, head still buzzing after what he drank yesterday (A beer? A few glasses of wine? Couldn’t remember), Mike grappled himself back into a waking state. Only after waking up did he realise that at least half of his pounding headache was a direct result of his phone ringing its alarm. Stretching out one arm from below the covers, he turned it back off. If he’d been ten years younger, still in high school, this was the kind of day where he’d pretend to be sick and have his mum call him

Jack Harkness. That had been his name before all of this. Before any of this. But he could barely remember that anymore.His wife’s name had been Janice, but she was gone now. Jack’s eyes moved from the hamster cage he had no choice but to call home to the large bulge shifting beneath the covers of the frankly massive bed just south. The hamster cage he shared with maybe a dozen others stood on a cabin that gave them a terrific view of the monster who ‘owned’ them. The thing beneath the c

“Addie, you have to understand that it’s nothing against you personally. It’s just that the school can’t afford to continue funding your classes. Art is an important study, we know, and we were happy to have on a taur such as yourself, but the supplies are simply too expensive compared to what the students get out of it. You understand, don’t you?” “I-, I guess so,” Addie mumbled back, shifting in her chair. Her eyes fell to the inclusive piece of furniture. It was, unlike the hu

“You do know why I called you in here today, right, David?” Mrs Apricot asked from behind her desk. She was omnisexual, genderfluid, MAP-oriented (whatever that meant) and her pronouns were she/her, they/them and xie/xir. David only knew this because she had told them every single morning for the past half-a-year since she started at their elementary school. David didn’t even know what a third of those things meant, or what a pronoun was, but he’d gotten it beaten into him more often tha

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