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Official business and commission gallery of  Lumesa

Not primarily run by Glitch, the artist, but by Glitch's manager (Boss!)
Please be aware that communications through here and other Glitchworks accounts will be with Boss, and not typically Glitch herself!
Separation of personal and commission accounts has been a joint decision between Glitch and her now art manager, to help the both of us manage her queue, tackle her backlog, take on new commissions, and, most importantly, deliver the best customer service and art we possibly can to our commissioners, both old and new. We are working hard to maintain a schedule that balances all of our customers' needs in a fair and respectful manner.

All commission information, communications, postings, etc., are done on here, so if you're interested in a commission from Glitch, give us a poke! We don't bite.

(Okay...sometimes, we do.)

If you are unfamiliar with Glitch, please check out her current, personal gallery!

Content from Glitchworks varies widely, from general to adult themes, and takes commissions of both! Whether general, mature, adult, Glitchworks has you covered.

At Glitchworks, we work with a lot (a LOT) of vore! Typical vore themes include:

-Oral vore
-Anal vore
-Vaginal vore, or unbirth
-Object vore
-Absorption or goo vore
-Tail vore
-Cock vore

We also work with other fetishes and kinks, such as:

-Stuffing, food play, and weight gain
-Growth, inflation
-General sex, solo, and masturbation

That's not to say we don't do non-kink stuff, too! We also offer most general-audience content, including:

-Reference sheets
-Pin-ups and tasteful nudity
-Icons, headshots, and Telegram stickers
-And pretty much anything else non-fetish, too!

If you are interested in commissioning us, please feel free to send us a note!

For important commission information, please check out the following links below:

Glitchworks Commission Prices Catalog
Glitchworks Content Restrictions
Glitchworks Guidelines and Terms of Service

If you're interested in filling out a commission order form, please visit Glitchworks Art Order Form
Please note that if we are not currently accepting commissions, the form will be disabled from filling out responses. Be sure to keep an eye out on our journals and other platforms for streams and other commission openings!

Contact Information:

Our notes are open, and you are more than welcome to send us a note at any time with a commission inquiry or other question!
However, if you'd like to contact us elsewhere, or follow us on other platforms, here are the other places you can locate us at:

Twitter: @GlitchworksArt
Eka's Portal: Glitchworks

To view our current commission queue, visit Our Trello

We look forward to doing art for our commissioners, and we greatly appreciate everyone's business!

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Monday's stream slots were filled, and the stream has come to a close.

However! If you were unable to make the stream, or were unable to get a slot (we did have to cap them!) We are taking orders to fill our slots for our Friday, July 21st stream, and our Saturday, July 22nd stream! If you're interested, please let us know ahead of time! We've already taken in some overflow slots from today's into Friday's.

We're looking at a pretty full weekend of streaming, with a tentative 4 slots on Friday, and 5 slots on Saturday.

Here's how slotting works:

One slot does not equal one commission. At Glitchworks, a "slot" is a unit of size, a measurement of how much time is put into a piece. This does not diminish the quality, but it accounts for how much time is used...
[ Continued ... ]

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