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Howdy! Didn't expected you to come here and read this. Perhaps I wrote a comment or faved your artwork? Hehehe, you're welcome! Well, I'm just a watcher, so don't expect me to ever upload anything on this site, I am no artist, even though I wish I could draw well.

Feel like reading a bit more for some reason? Oh well, here it goes... For this site, I've created this account mostly to have an easier time tracking art that is posted, as well as leave a few comments, mostly constructive ones... I hope no one minds, I'm not harsh. I wish I created an account years ago, been a lurker for far too long and I've been missing out a bunch!

Let's see: I really, really love Splatoon and it's world as a whole. Can't really put into words how much I love the concept, characters, and a lot more about it. With that said, my OC's an Inkling that usually prefer to be in Squid form.

Been into noms for as far as my memory goes. Usually a fan of same size, safe kind of vore, with lots of squish, bulges, and overall just pred and prey having a nice time, Gotta love 'em snuggles. I have A LOT of appeals and things that tick just right when it comes to noms, but I'll spare your time, I'm quite shy and prefer it to be that way.

Did you read everything all the way here? Well I don't have much else to say, except for this: Have a nice day!

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Posted by Tanookicatoon 2 years ago Report

Awesome seeing my art used as an icon! >w<


Posted by PegaSUS 3 years ago Report

Appreciate the watch - thanks a bunch!

And have a nice day yourself!


Posted by DARKLUNCH 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To GreenSquiddo

no no, pms are great, I don't mind shouts either! Whatevers easier for ya and gets my attention.

I'm just a lazy sod that takes years to actually type up a darn reply. ᏊᵋꈊᵋᏊ

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