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lil kamaria big sparky

By Sparky_the_chu

  1. lil kamaria big sparky
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I am going to set up a seperate thread for the side RP. If we feel the need to discontinue when The Voar shws up, we can opt to have it switched to a different area and used as an OOC thred of sorts, or we can continue it on the side. Please add any last minute suggestions as well a post confirmation that you saw this, if you dont give post confirmation, yes this is a threat, im going to PM you to make sure you know the scoop. Thanks for checking this and we'll get rolling soon.

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Posted by FoxGuy 10 years ago

Hi, Heretic! ^^


Posted by Len_The_Fox 10 years ago

Oh, By the way. You should set your 360 horazontaly. I heard they over heat and stuff melts and give you the red ring if you set it verticaly.


Posted by Len_The_Fox 10 years ago

Ive been good, You?


Posted by Len_The_Fox 10 years ago

Hey heretic,It's been a wile!


Posted by jenna 10 years ago

haha i like that.
lotsa bunchess.

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