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Hello there!

I think introductions are not going to be important, I am just a fellow registered viewer lurking in galleries and forums.

But if you want to know more about me nonetheless, I am mostly an unbirthing fetishist with a very cuddle-oriented mindset. I am also a big fan of the character of Jack the Ripper from Fate/Apocrypha, whose wish is to return to her mother's womb. Even though I wish I had the skills to draw or write the thing and grant her her wish, even if it is only in a fanwork, I am rooting for her, because it is pretty rare to see a character (in a rather known media) with such a wish, and what a cute wish.

My current avatar only serves as a self-insert avatar (no pun intended :3), but I wish I can give her a character of her own, with a personality and a story. For now, I have only the name in mind, it would be Aria. :3

Please do not send me RP requests, I am not here for roleplays, I am not good at this, and I will never be good enough at this.

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One hour later.The promised slumber breaker rang, releasing one of the bindings Imogen committed herself into. As it whispered into her left ear, she rose her two brows and opened her eyelids, to come nose to nose with Aria’s face, whom the alarm clock still seemed to lull to her slumbering state. While her maternal retainer is still asleep, she could not get herself out of her cradle, but that was not a problem to her. In the wait, she enjoyed the sight of Aria’s sleepy face. Her eyes wer

The door of the room opened with a faint rumbling, but not as suppressed as to go quietly.Any fumble in the pacing of the door’s scrolling would be enough to startle the headless girl seemingly inspecting the room in stillness. Or letting the soft musical ambience lull her body to a stand-up slumber, waving to the front and the back.It was easy to assume starting from the moment a non-mechanical and warmhearted “Alright, I have finished preparing.” has electrified her spine out of its st

It is bedtime.More precisely, nighttime.Even more precisely, the middle of nighttime where dawn takes its deepest slumber.I could tell from the bed even if the obscurity of my room did not make a single difference. Only the digital clock next to my bed on the shelf of the wall. It was the only thing in motion. That, and my eyeballs clearly exposed to the dark.Nothing different from a few hours ago. The only difference there would be was if I was actually sleeping, instead of glaring in the d

"U-um... Master... It was nothing, really..."Passionlip follows me with seemingly forced steps.Under my order, I have prompted her to come to my room for a short briefing on our last sortie.In fact, it is of great importance, not of great gravity, I reply calmly to her.Passionlip is probably one of our most valuable battle companions, thanks to her physical constitution. The wielding and maneuvering of those deadly claws of hers surely cannot be done without a monstrous strength, even tho

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