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Just a Random degenerate that commissions a lot of vore.

If you have suggestions for cute girls or boys that should eat then pm and I might commission art of them down the line but it's more likely for them to be commissioned if their from a show that's not well know,a older show from the 80's like YYH or from a mecha show

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Moneybags28's Blog - So uhhhhhhhhh. Posted 2 years ago

So I like to commission artist a lot as you can see and just wanted to put this out there that if anyone as suggestions of cute girls or boys that you would like to see get commissioned just pm me or something characters with little to no core art are more likely to get commissioned Also mecha show characters. This is just for fan characters and shit no OCs

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Posted by Geofront 2 years ago Report

Really great to see someone giving older robot shows and other things some art.


Posted by Nekochow 2 years ago Report

These commissions are great dude, good to see vore content of semi-obscure characters. Any idea what you're planning on doing next?

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Posted by Cipher123 2 years ago Report

I agree


Posted by Furanz 2 years ago Report

Jesus, you commission so much from Natsu..
Not that it's an issue at all, they're all great!
Hope to see more!!

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