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Myuu here! I'm the local friendly slimegirl, here to fill your pred and prey needs~ I dabble around in drawing chibis and for some reason alchemic circles but I'm not so good yet~ Feel free to poke around for me if you have questions!

My main hobbies include piano, origami, doodling, and speedrunning! I'm into anything monstergirl and cyoot~

You can find me on the tomato farm server run by our friendly Tomayo, check em out!

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Myuu's Blog - Randomness! Posted 1 year ago

I'm going to try and make it my goal to do one chibi a day! Right now my critique of my own work is that it seems kinda messy/unrefined! I'm sure this will improve with time, but I do want to get to that point where I can look at it and say, hey, that's as good as some of that digital stuff! I don't have a drawing tablet but maybe I'll invest in one!

And now for some other info! I can be found on discord under Flan #2493 if anyone is interested in chatting or asking me things. Currently I've decided not to open commissions, I can't see my work being quite on the scale of buyable yet, but once I get better I may! Tell me what you guys think~ I'm also going to experiment with stories eventually!

I occasionally stream speedrun on stream, stuff like metroid fusion and...
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Posted by Joily 1 day ago Report

Thank you! Anything with great bulges and prey being trapped is fun, especially if the pred is uncaring!

And there's nothing more uncaring than an inanimate object~


Posted by Imana 3 weeks ago Report

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Your welcome, I really like your art, it's cute


Posted by simalst 2 months ago Report

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You are welcome


Posted by Myuu 2 months ago Report

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Oopsy, faves!


Posted by seriousdoomguy 4 months ago Report

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Your welcome

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Posted by MrBlueSky2007 5 months ago Report

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Posted by Myuu 5 months ago Report

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And thanks again for the new fave!


Posted by ShaboJohnson 5 months ago Report

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Your welcome


Posted by ifdre 5 months ago Report

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You're welcome!


Posted by donitard 5 months ago Report

I make internet, and all I can say is: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Posted by StubTailDstroyer 6 months ago Report

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No problem; looking forward to seeing more of your slimegirl content


Posted by Cartoonfan12345 6 months ago Report

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No problemo :)

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