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What a nightmare. This all had to be a nightmare … a very bad nightmare. Everything went wrong, and it became even worse with time, this couldn't be reality, but why she didn't wake up? Why she couldn't open her eyes and saying “Awwww what a wonderful morning …” ?Instead of this there was this pressure all around her, the noises, the heat, the smell of sweat and the feeling that everything went absolutely wrong this morning for Silya. She closed her eyes again and wis

Wet food

Felarya; a country of hunters and predators. A country of beauty and wilderness. The greatest part of Felarya was covered by a great jungle, the home of many predators, monsters and other creatures and everybody who lived in Felarya knew that the jungle was one of the deadliest places in the whole world. But there were also other places, big seas and gigantic lakes, for humans they were like oceans for the local predators they were just bigger seas but no matter what they were in th

My home is my castle, isn't it?

Felarya, a place of harmony and peace, a place where everybody could be happy … well as long as you were big enough, strong enough and you are a carnivore creature … or shortly; if you were a hunter. Any other creature, especially humans, weren't really safe at such a world like Felarya. But for some reasons there were always coming humans to this world. Some were explorer, some were treasure hunters and some others only people who had to cros

A deep love

“Oh damn … this was the wrong way …” the young human sighed and looked around. Everywhere she looked, she only could see trees, and they were also extremely high so she wasn't even able to see the sky. But that wasn't the only bad fact for the moment, it was more important that she didn't stop too long because she was on the run … and she was running away from something very big which was behind her and came closer with every moment she didn

Vale - A hole in the groundShe rolled with her eyes and looked around. No sign of those idiots. Maybe it was typical for Sanix and this little bitch, Trish. She was always annoying Vale because she looked from time to time after Sanix, why not? She was just a girl and Sanix wasn't ugly, it was quiet normal that she watched his ass when he moved around, why Trisha was so angry with her?And now she went away because she was offended, very great … and who could search her now? Vale. Sanix we

Flynn - An unexpected recommencementFelarya … home and hunting place of many predators. Only the fittest human could survive at a place like this and only the strongest were able to stand at a place longer than a few hours. Those people who searched the adventure, explored the country or only travelled through it, arrived mostly at the few magical gates which were placed all over Felarya. One of these gates was the place of the daily happening; it began to activate himself and a person wa

Sanix - Like frog and fly Where the hell was Trisha? It couldn't be, she was now away since three days. Okay it was normally that she was a little jealous because of Vale but she never took as long as this time to return. He sighed and looked around, where he should search anymore? Vale was on her way to the old cave of Eleyn and he hoped she would find a sign of Trisha there, and he? Yeah, he was walking through this hot jungle and looking after her. He was also at the giant tree to ask this na

Trisha and the missing AnnaSanix.Vale. Sanix AND Vale … she began to hate that girl. The young red haired woman was walking through the jungles of Felarya, cursing and really pissed off. Again it was Sanix fault that she was angry, the man who she thought he would love her. But again he was talking nearby all the day with that little bitch Vale and telling her jokes. Every time she came to him he only said that Trisha should concentrate on her training, but training wasn't the most import

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Yeah it is 8:44 AM and I'm sitting in school and have a free time, if you want to call it. Actually I'm doing a preparation for a presentation but the internet is very slow and I'm finally already finished with my work. So I've enough time to think about some new inspirations for a new story and I've already plenty ideas but no chance to write them down? You know that? It's horrible :? . But I'm looiking forward for the weekend, when I can enjoy and have enough time to form my new ideas into words.

At the end I want to mention, that yesterday I've founded a intresting site, which I want to show you, if you like monster vore ;)


Have a nice day =)


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Are you dead?


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Thanks for the fave. :3

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