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Hello there....

Some old artist, obsessed with vore and pokemon
Yes, it's me from FA
My FA:
Stripes is mah pokesona, if you want to draw him, here's his ref (NSFW):

1. I do RP!
PM if you're insterested (I preferer rping in pms for a few reasons)

2. You won't trigger/annoy me in a easy way
I'm very calm and won't i get mad easily, if you start to annoy a little then i'll kindly tell you to stop.

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I never said that i had an discord account so i made this journal/blog
It's ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Rotom#7149, add me if you wanna chat or rp with me!
If you don't know what discord is then it's just like skype but [s]for gaming[/s] better

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Posted by Voredex1210 2 weeks ago

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Posted by Voredex1210 2 weeks ago

Yup its me and do you how to upload picture into the page


Posted by kurohigeyonkou 1 month ago

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what picture ?


Posted by R1E2D3 2 months ago

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i know


Posted by Dukinu 2 months ago



Posted by RotomGuts 3 months ago

I preferer that no one sends me thank shouts, okay

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